A Plate As Full As The Moon

So quite a lot has gone on the past couple days…how long has it been since I posted last? A whole week? More?

It looked like we were more or less done with supervillains for a while, with the exception of Fleshmonger and Dr. Synergy. We thought wrong. It seems like this whole thing’s just gonna explode into a bunch of heroes and villains more or less all at once. Makes me want to rename the city Super City, if that weren’t already taken. (Is it?)

The main new arc we seem to have stumbled into is this guy who I’ve learned calls himself Bound Radical. We first heard about him through the police scanners on the 4th, registering this guy who turned a pair of cops in the park near Doc Clocktower into seven year olds with some weirdo ray thing. They weren’t seven year olds very long, but it was long enough for him to do some crimey things.

Then he took a few days off. Then he started attacking the nightclubs around town, and some other places. The set of some silly show about accounting, for some reason. But he especially attacked the Seven Sins Lounge. We went by there for that but we were too late; he was already gone, leaving a stream of temporarily old people in his wake and a very upset Fleshmonger.

Dr. Synergy had apparently been there but had, let’s say, absconded with his new best friend, who I’ve now learned calls himself Bound Radical. I know this because GUESS WHAT? Bound Radical has a blog too! Yeah, it’s like some kind of fad now, I guess. His is a Tumblr, not a WordPress one, though. It’s here, if you’re wondering.

I’ve also learned through Synergy’s blog that I might not have really killed Socialighter at all. He makes a mention of a very heavily scarred young girl who apparently looks like me. I never properly noticed that, but I guess she does sort of look like me. Graver too, come to think of it…

Anyway, he calls her Sunny, if you read his blog. I’m almost certain it’s Socialighter. When I read about that girl who showed up in his lab, my heart hopped a double rainbow and took it all the way across the sky. I’m sure you can tell why.

I still feel like I killed her, though. In a way, I sort of have. I’ve killed any chance she has of being a beautiful girl again. And I seem to have killed whatever happiness she may have had, or helped to kill it anyway. So in a sense, I did kill her – but she just keeps on living, like a demented and burned Energizer Bunny.

Or is it the Duracell Bunny? I can never remember.

Moonshine’s been depressed the last few days, more than normal, because of the full moon. I’ve barely seen her and when I have, she’s been practically surrounded by a cloud of vodka. In fact, I’m not surprised that hasn’t been a thing, what with her powers and all.

I keep wanting to ask her whatever happened to her dad, but I never get around to it. Mostly because I don’t want to upset her anymore. At least not until this moon cycle wears off. I went by her penthouse a couple days ago, before Bound Radical attacked the Lounge.

Totally empty. The last time it was touched seems to have been roughly when Moonshine was holing up there to drink her depression away.

I’ve started coming up with theories about where he might’ve gone. Really, it’s just the one. But it’s ridiculous, and so naturally, it’s probably true.

I’m not gonna talk about it. I don’t want to jinx anything or whatever.

And as if that weren’t enough, I’ve begun hearing talks about this new radio show going up. Maybe a news show, maybe a talk show. Nobody seems to know yet. What they do know is that it seems to be targeted toward this recent fad of second-, third-, and fourth-class nonpowered supers that seem to have popped up lately.

I say “supers”, because they’re probably going to bring on both the heroes and the villains to the show, at least during the talk segments. Mostly it’s the pathetic ones, the ones they can make fun of, the ones they can get good ratings out of that the other, classier shows wouldn’t get because they wouldn’t stoop to such levels. Heroes like this weird Peer Review guy, who seems to take after Ruby Justice of the All-Star Corps. Villains like Daddy Issue, who’s not entirely what she seems like. She dresses like a paparazzi magazine and is apparently a trans of some kind, because she goes around pretending to be everybody’s drunken abusive father.

It would be surreal if it weren’t all so stupid and pathetic. And dangerous. I’m kind of scared for all the good-hearted heroes who I seem to inspire and who only dress up in spandex because that’s what they think I dress in, and other superheroes. I don’t dress in spandex. It may look like spandex, but it is not spandex. It’s extraterrestrial armor from another planet entirely. I found it in the crystal that I found the wristbands in. It’s strong as hell and that’s part of what makes me a professional.

To all the new fad heroes out there: I know you want to help. I understand that. And I know most of you probably read my blog. But please. Please, for you own safety. Stop trying to be something you’re not. And don’t go on this talk show. You’ll only get laughed at. But maybe getting laughed at is what you need to stop doing something this dangerous.

The Trinity’s still in jail – with the exception of Socialighter, who I’ve already said is probably with Dr. Synergy. As for Discojack and Graver? Discojack’s still gone. Graver’s still in the hospital. Or maybe he’s left already. I could care more. That leap week was a pretty confusing time for everyone involved. I really just want to put it behind me and concentrate on all these new arcs that have come along.

So once again. To all the wannabe new fad superheroes out there: stop what you’re doing. Now. Please. You’re going to get yourself killed.

And don’t go on that show. Even if they beg you on their hands and knees, with promises of more cash than you saw in your last paycheck.

Just. Don’t.


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  1. Sorry to hear about Moonshine, man. Hope she feels better soon. 😦

    Glad to hear you’re interested in the blog, though! Maybe we can have a fight sometime! I have yet to get into a proper villain/hero thing, so yeah.

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