Right. Let’s update one arc at a time here.

First up: I’m out of the hospital now, though not healed by a long shot. I’m hanging around the cabin now, with Totem looking after me. My legs are still broken. My chest still hurts. My hands are still Skywalkered. But at least I feel like I’m at home here. Even though he visibly tries to keep himself from caring too much for me, I still appreciate that he’s around as much as he is.

Moonshine is done with her little Night Stalker rampage, racking up a grand total of nine villains. I can’t remember most of them. I can remember Peer Review and Daddy Issue, though. She killed Daddy Issue on the night of the solar eclipse.

Totem and Scarlet Court found her rooting through the wreckage of Dr. Synergy’s lab. She still hasn’t told anybody why she was there, but given what I know about Synergy, I can pretty much guess why. She fought them off, but Totem ended up subduing her and taking her to the police. Scarlet Court didn’t like that very much, but we were able to work a complicated little mass of deals.

Well, I say “we”, but it was really more like Bound Radical working some secret shit he hasn’t told me about. He hasn’t blogged about it either. Annoying. Anyway, as it turns out, he’s been working out some stuff with Fleshmonger, trying to get back into his good graces for the express purpose of helping Moonshine out. He was able to blackmail Fleshmonger (by aging all of his “assets”, I assume, and refusing to de-age them until Fleshy gave him what he wanted) into having Commissioner Barracuda let Moonshine off more or less scot-free for her rampage.

This turns out to have been part of Johnny Ocean’s plan to get Commissioner O’Hanlon back in place, as he published evidence connecting Barracuda with Fleshmonger in the Sun, and further evidence exonerating O’Hanlon. I dunno, it’s complicated, and I doubt it’s entirely legal. I’m sure the whole thing played out like one of Tarantino’s better movies in Ocean’s head.

So once O’Hanlon got back in and replaced Barracuda, we were able to convince him to let Moonshine on probation, given that she had only killed villains, and not innocents. As long as she doesn’t leave the county or kill anybody else for a year, she’s free.

So that’s good. She’s been holed up in the penthouse pretty much ever since. She refuses to talk to Totem, but Scarlet Court is another story, and one I doubt I’ll hear. It turns out Scarlet Court really is her sister, though they’ve kept quiet on the full story for now.

I hear Moonshine got a new pet, but nobody’s told me what it is yet. I didn’t think she was the type for pets myself.

Bound Radical is back to being a “neutral” underground party, or whatever he is. I haven’t really spoken to him in a while, and he hasn’t updated his blog since he and Totem took down Dr. Synergy.

As for Johnny Ocean, let me just say that he asks some pretty skeezy questions. I agreed to the interview, but not the support of his little Facebook thing, which I see hasn’t come to much. If you’re interested, the interview’s in tomorrow’s Spotlight Sun.

So that’s pretty much everything. Like a poorly-wrapped Christmas present left under a dead tree.


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