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Sinful Trinity #2

So! Now it’s time to talk about what went down Wednesday, with the new police commissioner, Graciela Butera. She’d been a squad leader of some high stature or other and was a very ruthless detective, which earned her the nickname of “the Barracuda”, right along with her scary face. Her ruthlessness, though, sometimes got a little intense – and a little reckless, which is why she was passed up so often for the spot of commissioner. So it went to Michael O’Hanlon instead of her.

I guess she saw an opportunity to stage a coup when the SCPD heard O’Hanlon had been withholding information. I didn’t even know that kind of thing was possible, but I guess it is in a place like Spotlight City.

By Wednesday, she’d gotten settled in enough to meet with us, so Moonshine and I went in like we said we were going to. We brought all the evidence we’d collected from the whole subway thing to give to her and she basically took it and said “Stay out of our way and we’ll stay out of yours. Don’t mess with this case anymore.”

Moonshine and I were like “Well fine then.” But we’re not staying off it, even if Butera gave the impression as she shoved us out the door that she wasn’t going to tell us what kind of stuff the evidence turned up, if anything at all.

As we went back out on patrol, planning on going back down to the subway tunnels for more evidence-gathering, we heard a bunch of sirens and went back to the station to see what was up. Turns out, guess what? The Trinity found a way to escape, again. Once again, it wasn’t our fault, but once again, the police figured we were. The Barracuda sent patrols after us and the Trinity, so we basically had to run and hide inside the tunnels while looking for the three girls.

We ended up falling asleep in there. We didn’t find the Trinity until yesterday. Friday. When we woke up Thursday, around 2 o’clock, Moonshine told me she’d decided she was finally starting to get worried about her dad, so she would probably be taking off to look for him in her civvies. Meanwhile, I had an appointment to keep – and you already know how well (or not) that went.

I dunno how Moonshine got from looking to her dad to finding me, really. But somehow she did, and I still have my hands because of it. I can still type these blogs because of it.

By the time Friday rolled around, we were still being chased after by the police, and presumably, the Trinity was too. Moonshine and I holed up in our headquarters Thursday night and headed out to patrol for the Trinity first thing Friday morning.

We didn’t find much, until our scanners picked up a fight at a nightclub downtown, a fancy but viceful little place called Seven Sins Lounge. It was a report to all cops about a call they’d received about a fight between a group of three girls and this goth-raver guy.

We headed out pretty much immediately, trying to get there before the cops did. It turned out to be the Trinity like it sounded, Graphique, Silver Stiletto, and Socialighter going up against a guy in bright neon colours and stuff. You might know what a goth raver looks like. You can just Google it if you don’t.

I say it was all three going up against him but it was really more like the guy and Socialighter fighting each other and the other two unconscious with everybody else there. I found out later that they were unconscious because of some record the new guy had the DJ there at Seven Sins play because apparently they’re old buddies and wanted to collaborate or something. I’ll get to it later.

So the new guy’s villain name is Graver, as I found out during the fight. We got there and they were busy arguing about something we missed the beginning of and didn’t understand much of. But we pretty much tried to get the two away from each other, which sort of worked – right up until the DJ played the record again. Moonshine and I blacked out.

When we woke up, Graver and Socialighter was gone and the place had cops everywhere. They took us all in, since we were all pretty much wanted criminals now and all. They took the DJ in too. I found out later his name is Discojack, which I guess is all in all appropriate. They put us all in the same cell, which seems like a bad idea if they wanted us to not escape again – which, by the way, we did.

Once we got all settled in, I started trying to get information out of Graphique but she just wanted to take the opportunity to deal me a few punches to pay for the punches I’d dealt her. Moonshine and Silver Stiletto pulled us apart and tried to calm us down or whatever. After a few minutes of talking down, Silver Stiletto managed to get Graphique off me long enough to tell me what had happened at Seven Sins.

They were holing up at Seven Sins since they escaped. Silver Stiletto didn’t say why, but she said “Hughes is a nice man. He took us in when no one else would. He said the Lounge would protect us”. Graver was a guy from the Trinity’s past, but not just that – he was the man who had framed them burning down the Spotlight City Convention Center a year ago.

He was the man who had killed my parents.

So that made me basically want to punch his face in. Silver Stiletto went on to say that he and Socialighter had been planning the fire together but somewhere along the line, she learned that Graver had betrayed her and was planning to frame her and her two friends – who became Graphique and Silver Stiletto – so she tried to convince the other two of it, revealing to her that she and Graver had been planning to burn the whole place down in the first place.

Neither of them believed her, of course. She’s annoying and even then kept trying to pull pranks on them all the time, so they figured it was just another prank – until the day of the convention, when the whole place caught fire. In a panic, they knew she had been telling the truth and ran. After a while, the police found evidence that the three had caused the fire but other evidence that the three had died in it, so they never looked for them.

The three decided to leave their old lives behind and take on masks and new names and tried to survive by engaging in a bunch of small crimes, just big enough to be able to eat and have warm places to stay most of the time.

I asked how they came to be stealing art, but that’s when Silver Stiletto got all nervous and shut up. Graphique was too angry at me to talk.

So I turned to the DJ. He’s a strange man, dressed in light blues and with the bluest eyes I’ve ever seen. He was all calm through everything I’d seen him do so far, including our conversation. He told me his name was Discojack and that he, Graver, and Socialighter had been old friends since childhood, and when Discojack saw Socialighter was still alive and well at Seven Sins – a total coincidence – he gave Graver a call and brought him in.

Apparently, Discojack makes those weird music drugs I’ve heard about and mixed one up that knocks people out, deciding to play it when Graver arrived to take care of what he’d started and kill Socialighter and, preferably, the other two. Something went wrong and Socialighter didn’t get knocked out, though. Discojack doesn’t know why.

So Graver and Socialighter went at it, until we arrived. Discojack played the knockout mix again and Graver took Socialighter and skedaddled. The cops arrived and took us all into custody. Why did Discojack stay behind? I have no idea. He didn’t say why.

Once we got done with that, I sat back and processed it all. The first thing my mind went to was getting to Graver and beating the sense out of him. On that, Graphique and I could agree, because she and Silver Stiletto wanted to take Graver down for taking them down just as much as I did.

So we tried to formulate a plan to escape and go after Graver. Nobody was in it to rescue Socialighter. The police had taken my wristbands and Moonshine’s wristbands, so neither of us had powers. They’d taken our costumes too, including Graphique’s and Silver Stiletto’s. But Discojack, he is something really strange and he made it very easy for us to escape; all he had to do was wave a hand over the lock and it straight-up unlocked. He must have some kind of powers of his own.

So we quietly left the cell. There were still no guards on duty. We made our way to the property locker and took back all our stuff, then made our way out.

We spent the rest of the night looking for Graver and Socialighter. We still haven’t found them. We split up, Graphique and Silver Stiletto going into the tunnels and Moonshine and I going home so we could settle down, regroup, and go to sleep. After a couple hours of searching our computer systems, Moonshine just went to sleep and I started writing about everything. Taken me this long!

After I’m done with this, I’m just gonna go to sleep too. Tomorrow, we meet back up with Graphique and Silver Stiletto and go back on the lookout for Graver and Socialighter and try to avoid the police. Dunno what Dr. Synergy’s up to but I hope it’s something karmic and painful.


Sinful Trinity #1

So. Been a while. I’ve been a bit busy the past couple days. Where to start? I’m gonna do this in several parts and they’re each gonna be about one day of the past several. I’m gonna start with what happened with my meeting with “Dr. Energy-Saver” today, who, as you may have surmised by my Twitter, is not a hero at all! Just like I was expecting. Honest. Would I lie to you?

So he showed up like he said he was going to, I guess, and so did I. Moonshine refused to come along on some silly thing like this, especially when he’d been making no reference to her at all. Instead, she decided to take today to go out and look for her father while I was meeting with “Dr. Energy-Saver”, because even she was starting to get worried about having not seen him in ten days. God, has it only been ten days?

It was still light out by 4 when I got to the Osiris Multiplex, which is this huge theater themed like Ancient Egypt in town. I don’t know why they themed a theater after Ancient Egypt. It’s even shaped like a bunch of pyramids, with each screen in an individual pyramid. It’s pretty unique, I guess.

I went in my Solar Girl outfit so he’d be able to find me, and I’d brought along some gadgets I borrowed from Moonshine to help defend myself more than just fire and flying, even though the sun made me stronger than if we’d met at night.

He was late. He didn’t come by until 4:25ish. Maybe a couple minutes earlier than that. He was dressed like I’d imagine a surgeon would, with those light blue scrubs and a lab coat and the whole mask and cap thing, except he was wearing shaded goggles – black welding goggles, not steampunk goggles like Graphique’s – and black combat boots. I got a definite initial Dr. Horrible vibe from him, which I have to say, has only gotten worse the more time I’ve spent with him.

Ugh, just thinking about having spent time with him gives me the creeps. He’s all over the place with his themes and it seems like he hasn’t really figured out who he is as a supervillain yet, so I figure he’s as new as his silly “Dr. Energy-Saver” trap was.

On the one hand, he was really really bubbly and happy like he was on Twitter throughout our conversation, right up until he took out a syringe and tranquilized me outside the theater. When I woke up, y’know how he was acting? Still really bubbly, even once he started doing…well, let’s just say “things”. I’m probably not gonna get into most of what actually happened. I can barely think about what happened without wanting to throw up.

Our conversation went over who exactly he was supposed to be (“I’m Dr. Energy-Saver!”) and what exactly he was supposed to do (“I give YOU tips on how to save energy!”), but he only kept saying the same things he said online. But with every line he shot at me (and every mental image of that stupid smiley face emote he keeps using online), he moved a step closer to me and I moved a step away from him.

I tried to go over where we’d met before with him. He said it was a long time ago and that he was a very different man back then. I asked him what kind of man and he said it didn’t matter because he was just a ghost of that man now. While he’d used the bubbly tone for almost all of his lines up to that point, he switched it out for the elliptical tone I also saw him using on Twitter. Then, in the very same breath, he went back to the bubbly personality to talk about how I probably wouldn’t remember it, even if he told me about it.

Then a freaking car accident, of all things, distracted me long enough for him to stick that stupid syringe in my neck. About a minute of increasingly faint punches and weak attempts at defense later, I was totally out of it.

I later found out that the car accident had actually been caused by, in essence, the second escape of the Trinity from central lockup, in a roundabout sort of way. But I’ll get to that later.

By the time I woke up, it was dark out. I only found that out later, because it was dark in too, in what I later found out was his own personal mad science lab. If you’ve seen his blog yet (because super blogging is the new “in” thing in Spotlight City, apparently), you can probably guess what he called his laboratory. The Laboratory Of Sin! Specifically, Dr. Synergy’s Laboratory Of Sins! I don’t actually know if “sin” was pluralized on the celebratory banner he’d hung over the door or not, but screw being nice and grammatically-correct for the guy who tried to kill me.

The first thing I technically noticed was the music. It was a song I normally liked quite a lot and, in context, was about the most appropriate thing he could’ve chosen to play: “You Are My Sunshine”, the twangy Johnny Cash version on a loop. I don’t think I’ll ever like that song again.

I started looking around the absolutely original and totally surprising (that’s sarcasm) room, and as I did, I happened to also notice –  in addition to the celebratory inauguration banner, the posters of spiders and skulls on the empty white tile walls, and the clearly fake “PhD in Horribleness” on what little wall space wasn’t covered by cabinets or posters – that he’d taken the gadgets I had borrowed from Moonshine and strapped me down to the table. He’d taken my mask off too.

I know, I know. I walked right into it, right? Well, I thought I had been prepared. I thought I was genre savvy enough to expect a mad scientist to be under the guise of an ecofreak. I’ve seen enough shit to expect that kind of thing.

But even the best preparations can go really far out of hand when something sudden happens. “‘Twas a car crash what did me in!” she cried. I think that’s a quote. I don’t know what from if it is. If the car crash hadn’t happened, he wouldn’t have been able to get to me. Then again, he wouldn’t have been able to get to me at all if I had never gone.

He ended up seeing my face so it’s a good thing I don’t have a Facebook. I might be an internet addiction, but I am ALSO A SUPERHERO! And it would be kind of dumb to put my face out that much, just in case someone can match the bottom half of my face to my profile pic or, y’know, kidnap me and take my mask off. So he shouldn’t be able to really identify me from just a face, but he does keep saying he’s seen me before, so I’m really worried he’ll be able to pin me down. Damn.

A mirror above me reflected myself between windows that showed me what looked like one of those operating theater things, but I could see nobody in it. I guess that wasn’t surprising. It hasn’t been long enough for him to gather a villainous posse.

There was also a pretty old camera on a stand near the operating table, pointed right at me. It even had a little blinking red light on it. I didn’t know they made them like that anymore.

Of course, I could’ve broken out of these at any time because of my whole fire thing. Or so you’d think. So I thought too – but he’d managed to get the wristbands off. I had thought they wouldn’t come off unless I took them off, but I guess that goes to prove me wrong. Without the wristbands, I’m powerless, so I couldn’t escape.

The good ol’ doctor was there too, scrubbing in or whatever they call it. Over the running water, I could hear him singing along to the song. in a kind of distant monotone, like his mind wasn’t all there but his mouth was still going through the motions. Then he turned back to me and snapped a pair of latex gloves over his hands.

The first thing he said was how much fun we were going to have tonight, in that same wavering distant voice, but with a bubbling giggle tainting the words. The second thing got right to the point: how to make my wristbands work. We went through this whole thing where I kept trying to dodge his questions and ask him things of my own – where I’d seen him before and why he was obsessed with me, mainly – but he kept going into elliptical tones where he was just like “No…no, that won’t do” and his voice got all distant and sad before going back to being bubbly and happy and threatening me into talking with his array of pet spiders.

Eventually, I just said that they only worked when I was wearing them, which as far as I knew, was completely true. For some reason, he took that as meaning “as long as they were touching my wrists” and went right about pulling out a buzzsaw (one I was expecting to be covered in blood when I first heard it, but was oddly disappointed when it wasn’t) and tried to cut my freaking hands off.

It was about then that Moonshine pulled a classical Big Damn Heroes moment and blew a hole clean through the wall of the operating room with some kind of gadget she later called something with lots of big words I can’t remember. I just call it the Wall-Hole-Blower. That sounds cool, right?

So she rescued me. Blew a hole in the wall, shot a grappling hook straight into Synergy’s chest, and cut me out of the restraints. I got the wristbands on the way out, at which point I found out two things: the lab was apparently built in some old abandoned subway tunnels, the same kind Moonshine and I had been in several days before; and secondly, Moonshine wasn’t behind me. By the time I realised that, I was already halfway down the tunnel.

I lit up my hands for light and turned back to look for her, but she came running out of the darkness moments later. She told me to run after her and I did. We ran all the way out of that place and were back up on the dark streets before I asked her how she found me. She said she had tracked the wristbands, because apparently, her computer has a tracking device set to the wristbands’ frequency or some handy-ass deus ex machina like that.

I guess I was a bit melodramatic on Twitter when I said Moonshine and I almost died. But my mind was still a bit shocked from some of the other things Synergy did, which I didn’t mention here and probably won’t ever mention. It just gives me the creeps. Ugh.

We thought about tracking down the Trinity that night but ended up just going home and sleeping some more needed sleep. I found out that the Trinity caused the car crash earlier today.

I’ve also come to find out that Dr. Synergy has fully embraced his whole villainous persona online, erasing most of the trace of Dr. Energy-Saver to replace his Twitter and blog with Dr. Synergy’s Laboratory Of Sins. Or Sin or whatever. I don’t really care.He keeps making more weirdo comments on Twitter and I keep meaning to see if I can block him but I never get around to it.

If you’re interested, this is his blog. It might be important to figuring out who he is and what his plans are or whatever. You might be interested in following his Twitter too, @DoctorSynergy. I wish I could block him, but it’ll probably be important to see what he’s up to.

Gonna write up what happened today and Wednesday after I post this. Then I’m gonna go to sleep.

Twitter Transcript

Nothing much happened on patrol, strangely. It seemed so boring compared to the last few days. We went by the police station but they’re still trying to get things settled. I set up a meeting for Wednesday with them and I guess Moonshine and I are going to go over everything with the new Commissioner Butera.

I haven’t seen O’Hanlon. I don’t even know where he lives. I don’t think he’d want to see me right now, though. But that’s me for you. I’m good with beating up both bad guys and my friends’ hearts and emotions. Fantastic.

Moonshine disappeared into her room as soon as we got home again. She barely spoke at all during the patrol. I kept making euphemistic comments about Darren McGavin and Vladimir Nabokov but she just kept glaring at me. I know she just wants to be alone to cry about her mom. But she knows I need her and I don’t want to be alone, so she’s forcing herself to be with me on patrol. Then when we get home she goes and gets drunk again. She’s gotta be running out of Smirnoff by now, surely.

In other news, I did a transcript of the conversation I had with @DocEnergySaver. It’s sort of in IRC format because I didn’t want to take the time to transfer it to whatever format Twitter uses.

<DocEnergySaver> I just found out my inspiration, @SolarGirl2012, has a Twitter! Hi @SolarGirl2012!

<SolarGirl2012> @DocEnergySaver wtf who are you?

<DocEnergySaver> She tweeted me!!

<DocEnergySaver> Hi @SolarGirl2012! I’m Dr. Energy-Saver! Giving YOU tips on saving energy, with solar power! You’re my inspiration for starting this!

<SolarGirl2012> @DocEnergySaver uhh ok whatever. i’m kinda busy right now, can we talk tmrw?

<SolarGirl2012> dunno who this energy-saver guy is. if everything blows over by tmrw, i might find out more about him.

<DocEnergySaver> @SolarGirl2012 Of course! I’m always free to talk, any time of the day or night – except when it uses nonsolar energy!! ; )

<DocEnergySaver> @SolarGirl2012 Hey hey! So sorry to hear about all those bad things! Hope your friend’s mom gets better!! It would be awful if she died!!

<SolarGirl2012> @DocEnergySaver yea it would. thanks. that reminds me, we were gonna talk today. so you’re some kinda fake superhero?

<DocEnergySaver> @SolarGirl2012 I am! I absorb solar energy during the day and then use it at night! Saves energy!! And YOU inspired me to get into this!

<SolarGirl2012> @DocEnergySaver yea ok cool. so you say you give people tips but i haven’t seen any yet. how come?

<DocEnergySaver> @SolarGirl2012 Well I just started doing this, so I haven’t really had time yet! : )

<SolarGirl2012> @DocEnergySaver do you always use exclamation things?

<DocEnergySaver> @SolarGirl2012 I do do do! It’s because I’m really happy all the time! Is there a reason I shouldn’t be?!

<DocEnergySaver> Come on come on come on…

<SolarGirl2012> @DocEnergySaver dunno. its just weird for me right now. so are you like obsessed with me or somethin?

<DocEnergySaver> There we go…

<DocEnergySaver> @SolarGirl2012 I wouldn’t say “obsessed”! YOU just inspired me is all! And I hate to see any pretty girl hurting!

<SolarGirl2012> energy-saver’s starting to worry me.

<SolarGirl2012> @DocEnergySaver so have we met before, then?

<DocEnergySaver> Yeah…you could say that…

<DocEnergySaver> @SolarGirl2012 You could say that! Do you want to met again?!

<DocEnergySaver> Come on, SG…

<SolarGirl2012> @DocEnergySaver fine. sorry it took me so long to answer. i have a lot on my plate right now. osiris multiplex, thursday, 4pm?

<DocEnergySaver> @SolarGirl2012 Works for me! Thanks for agreeing to meet me!

<SolarGirl2012> @DocEnergySaver before we meet though i have to ask, where have we met before?

<DocEnergySaver> @SolarGirl2012 Oh, it was a long time ago! You probably don’t even remember it!

After that, I just didn’t want to bother carrying on a conversation anymore. For one thing, Twitter conversations are hella hard to keep track of. For another, he was seriously creeping me out. Just writing what he says creeps me out. I kind of regret agreeing to meet with him but I’m kind of curious to see what it’s all about. It might even give me a new bad guy to beat up.

The headquarters is so silent this early in the morning. I can hear Moonshine making noises through the walls, though. She hasn’t slept much. Neither have I. But I’m gonna get some sleep now.

Come Wednesday, I meet with the new Commissioner. Moonshine might too. The day after that, I meet with Dr. Energy-Saver! Joy!

Later, losers.

Fight Me

I got back to headquarters a couple hours ago. I don’t feel well, but I feel obligated to keep writing about this stuff. This entry might not sound very good or be very coherent.

Moonshine and I spent most of the day patrolling. She woke me up earlier than I would’ve liked so I could get out with her before the sun went down. She tells me she doesn’t want me to worry about trying to find her dad, that he’ll come back when he’s ready to come back. So I guess that takes that off my plate?

We went by the tenement block where the shootout happened last night first thing. We found mostly wandering squatters in it, which we expected. I figure it was just a place the Trinity was hiding out to get a fix, maybe it’s where they live full-time. I dunno.
After that, we went back into the old subway tunnels from a couple weeks ago. The ones where we almost died because we couldn’t fly out of there. We ended up stumbling into a hideout an hour and a half or so later that turned out to be one of the main centers of fog trading.

There was a bunch of people there, most of them shady and half out of it with the fog, but lots more seemed to be clear-headed guards. We went in in our civvies, but we had our costumes in some backpacks. It’s not like we wanted to walk in saying “Hey, we’re superheroes. Come at me, bro!”

Oh, and Moonshine and I both had contact lenses with microcameras in them and microphones hidden in our backpacks, so we could record everything that went on.

One of the guards came up to us and asked what we were doing there and we said we heard about the fog and were interested in getting some of it from the source. The guard grunted out a few more words neither of us could understand into a shoulder radio got back a few more grunts that I guess he understood. He asked for our IDs. We gave him our default fake IDs, which he accepted and turned to lead us through the hideout.

We were led to a darkish room off the main room where we met with a representative of whoever was really in charge of everything. This guy, he was in a suit behind a desk and everything, and the guard left us alone with him.

It was like a job interview, if the job description included throwing our lives and minds away with a new kind of drug. He asked us things like where we heard about the fog and we lied our way through it. We asked him about the Trinity and if he’d sold anything to them ever. He claimed he’d sold to so many people that remembering who was who was like a needle in a needle stack on a day where there’s particularly strong wind and it blows the stack over and then you get stabbed by a bunch of needles and you bleed out and you die.

At the end, he told he we had to pay if we wanted to try out the fog. We had enough on us to buy his little trial-period stuff, which we figured we could take with the recordings we got to the cops.

Turns out, the fog is a powder thing that you add water to and turn into a gas with these fog hydrolyzers (which isn’t what hydrolyzers are supposed to do, last time I checked).

So anyway, we took the stuff we got and the hydrolyzers this representative guy gave us and left. We changed back into our super outfits in another old abandoned subway tunnel and headed out for the police station.

We got there just in time to see Commissioner O’Hanlon being temporarily…ah, I can’t think of the word. Disbarred? For obstruction of the pursuit of justice, by withholding information about the Trinity that could’ve helped their investigation (although they already had the three in custody, so whatever). It’s partially my fault for writing about it in my blog in the first place. Apparently, the entire police department of Spotlight City reads this now.

So that was pretty bad, but it’s safe to tell you guys the Trinity’s names now, since he came clean and pretty much everyone else knows too. They’re all models and I know two of three of them. Socialighter is actually a blonde (like me) named Hannah Conrad, Silver Stiletto is actually the more well-known Selena Bonacetti, and Graphique was the Commissioner’s own blood. She was his daughter, Chloe O’Hanlon.

But wait! That’s not all!

Not only is Graphique directly connected to the Commissioner. but you know how I said the bottom half of Silver Stiletto’s face was naggingly familiar to me? Yeah, that’s because all three of them had my dad as their agent.

And, if you call within the next 20 minutes, we’ll double your twist! All three of them were blamed for starting the fire that killed my parents and the rest of the people at that convention – and, up until their “unmasking”, was thought to have killed them too. That was why nobody else recognised Graphique after her mask came off. The Commissioner never talked about her much and barely anyone around the station had seen actual pictures of her that had been connected to a name.

We still don’t know why exactly they were stealing art. And now we’ve got a bunch of other questions tacked on. Like how did they survive the fire and did they cause it to begin with?

This is mostly why I feel terrible now, by the way. Especially since it’s pretty much exactly a year after it happened.

Ugh. So after O’Hanlon was temporarily decommissioned (yes! that’s the one!), they brought in the new commissioner: Commissioner Graciela Butera, a walking modern cliche. Moonshine and I were going to bring in our drug case evidence and whatnot but given the chaos they were going through of reigning a new commissioner in, we decided to wait until things around there settled down a bit.

So we spent the rest of the evening patrolling. I kept trying to talk to Moonshine about her dad, but she always changed the subject back to Kolchak: The Night Stalker. She loves that old thing but it clashes so much with everything else she loves that she only talks about it when she’s trying to avoid talking about a thing she really doesn’t want to talk about.

We got home pretty late, which I hated. I’m so exhausted and by the time we got home, I was so starving that I’m pretty sure I was starting to be delusional. Moonshine has it worse, though. Last night was the first night of the new moon, which is just gonna make her more depressed. She disappeared into her room when we got home and I’m pretty sure she broke into her own old vodka stash.

Me, I kept trying to start writing several times but I just kept hitting blocks. I did have a weird conversation with @DocEnergySaver on Twitter, though. You might’ve seen that by now.

I can probably put up a transcript of it later, but not now. I just woke up temporarily and I had a dream that I can’t really remember but I know it removed most of the blocks I was having in trying to write this.

Point is, I dunno who he is but I get really creepy vibes from him. He seems moderately obsessed with me and we may or may not have met before, but we’re definitely gonna meet again. I wasn’t feeling too well so I ended up just agreeing to meeting him sometime and we agreed on Thursday at 4pm. This coming Thursday, obviously. So that’s a thing now.

I probably forgot some stuff, but I’m just gonna go on and post this and go back to sleep.

New Moon Rising? #4

So we got back into the city alright. We were able to avoid the gangs who are gunning for us long enough to catch the police’s attention and lead them right back to the gangs. Suffice to say, a confrontation occurred, in the form of a shootout between the two. Moonshine and I just kinda ducked behind the gangs’ lines to search for the Trinity while they were distracted.

We found them in an abandoned tenement block not far from the shootout. Their minds seemed to be pretty much gone at the time, but they had “fog hydrolyzers” close by, which is apparently how fog addicts get a fix. So they were pretty easy to subdue, seeing as they barely reacted to the fact that we were there.

We carried them out past the shootout to the police and had to go back for Socialighter. Dealing with a three-person team when you’ve only got two people on your side is kind of hard.

The police sent one of their cars with the three back to the station and let us stay to help with the shootout. With the police on our side, fighting them was a lot easier and we were able to pretty much take them all in. Maybe we’ll find headway on this drug trafficking ring thing with so many of their possible guys in custody now.

When we got back to the police station, I had a one-on-one with the up-all-night Commissioner O’Hanlon to ask if he knew the Trinity’s identities. He was flighty – again – about them but told me that he did know their names. Even if he hadn’t known Silver Stiletto or Socialighter(assuming anyone does know Socialighter), he definitely knew Graphique. How could he not?

But O’Hanlon knows full well about my blog, and knew full well I was going to post about this, so he made me promise not to post their names on here until he was ready. Not even Socialighter’s, though judging from her name, she can’t really be connected to anything. Even saying that he knows their names is probably going to get him in trouble, but the only thing I promised was to not give their names out.

Sorry, Commissioner. Sometimes, having a blog makes keeping secrets hard.

After my talk with him, he cleared my name, and Moonshine’s too. He realized it was silly to think we helped them escape, because it damn well is. We’re the ones who put helped subdue them to put them away in the first place. Well, I am. Moonshine was off crying her eyes out and getting drunk at the time. Or sleeping. She could’ve been sleeping.

Then Moonshine and I went home. I’m gonna go to sleep in a few minutes. The sun’s rising and I know I should be awake during the daytime, but damn, I’ve been awake for going on 18 hours straight. I’m practically falling asleep as I write this.

We just got done talking about the night’s events. We discussed the interviews from earlier, before the Trinity escaped. She told me Graphique kept mentioning how she could be fired for talking to Moonshine and how she felt like she was on fire and things like that. Plus, a name…Hughes.

Moonshine had the police run it while I was talking to the Commissioner. Lots and lots and lots and lots of results for it. Gonna take some time to narrow down the connections. Given what the Commissioner told me about Graphique, it has nothing to do with anything. But there’s always a connection somewhere.

As for my dialogue with Silver Stiletto, when I mentioned the Frontiersman, Moonshine got all stiff. It reminded her of her dad, apparently, and she went and told me her dad’s gone. He up and left the night they found out about her mom.

It wouldn’t normally surprise me, since he has this thing where he disappears without telling anybody for days on end, usually up to some new genius experiment or other. But this time’s different. This time, he just learned his wife is dead and he up and disappears? This time, it worries me. It worries Moonshine too, though she’s doing a good job of not showing it, like usual.

So many plot threads, so little time. I’d say I dunno if I’ll be tying them up anytime soon but things seem to have a way of building up mystery and then suddenly anticlimaxing around this city.

Gonna go to sleep now. Dunno what Moonshine’s gonna do. She’s probably gonna go back to her penthouse and get drunk again. She hasn’t told me. We kinda stopped talking after we went over the important stuff, like the interviews we had.

Tomorrow is an important day. Tomorrow, we go over the stuff we got today with clear minds and try to process it all. That’s what I’m gonna do, at least. Maybe the police’ll have a lead for the name “Hughes” or the Commissioner will finally be ready to tell the police the Trinity’s names.

He’d better do it soon. With the girls in custody, it’s only a matter of time before they match faces to names. Especially faces like theirs.

Oh, PS: running from the cops and getting caught in another gang shootout while chasing down possible supervillains is very hard to take seriously when you’ve got that Caramelldansen song stuck in your head. I don’t even know where I got it from, I haven’t heard it in two years or so. Weird, huh?

PS2! You may have seen that Dr. Energy-Saver guy posting on my Twitter, or at least my replies to him. What’s up with him? He seems like he’s some “real life superhero” who’s taken on some ecofreak mask to teach kids about supposed environmentalism. He seems to be vaguely obsessed with me, too. Maybe he’s mistaken me for an ecofreak mask too?

New Moon Rising? #3

They escaped. Damn it, they escaped.

We got to the police station and got in fine enough, they let us give some interviews to the two we wanted to, Graphique and Silver Stiletto. They did warn me not to touch Graphique, but I made sure they knew I wasn’t going to be interviewing her.

So while Moonshine was talking with Graphique, I was talking with Silver Stiletto. I’ve never had real personal time with her (although you couldn’t really call what I’ve had with Graphique “personal time” either). She seems to be Italian or something. That’s not really relevant.

Her face had been covered by a lacy black mask while she was doing the deeds with Graphique and Socialighter, but she didn’t have that anymore, so I could see her full face. The police hadn’t identified any of them yet, although O’Hanlon did seem awfully flighty about who they were. Silver Stiletto’s face was naggingly familiar to me. Maybe all three of them were. I’d only ever seen the bottom halves up to then.

She was still in her “supervillain” clothes. Black and silver. More or less a black catsuit with all these little silver designs on it and silver stilettos on her feet – pretty much where she gets the name from – though she’d long since taken them off and was now barefoot, her nails painted silver to boot. The mask had had some of the same silver spiraling designs on it, but it was now gone too.

She refused to give me her name. I guess that’s pretty common. She seemed scared but it didn’t reach her eyes, so I’m pretty sure she was faking it. She did still seem a bit woozy from the concussion, though. She gave me barely more information than Graphique did the other night, but I managed to get one thing out of her: a connection to the Frontiersman.

As you may or may not know, the Frontiersman is a shuttle that crashed a month or so ago. It was supposed to be the first-ever manned mission to Mars, launching at the start of the end of the world. But it exploded in mid-atmosphere and crashed somewhere in northern Idaho. The wreckage was found, but missing half the parts that were presumed to be burned up in the explosion or the atmosphere, including the fuel tanks, of which there were several.

Moonshine’s father worked on that shuttle. He’s a genius like that.

As for what connection Graphique’s trio – which Silver Stiletto calls “the Model Trinity” – has to the crash of the first manned mission to Mars, I couldn’t figure out. All she said was “It was the Frontiersman. That’s why we do it.”

Then they escaped.

It didn’t really happen that soon after she said the mysterious thing. But it happened pretty fast. There were alarms and everything. The power went out soon after and Graphique, in full costume, came on by and ripped the cell open. The place doesn’t have very many guards, being a smallish temporary lock-up, so she didn’t have to put up much of a fight to get out.

I tackled her, of course, but Silver Stiletto got me from behind and threw me up against the empty bunk. Then they left with Socialighter in tow. By the time I’d recovered, they were gone and the power was back up.

I went to find Moonshine and found her on the ground with blood on her hands. She’d been knocked against the corner of the bunk, I guess, the blood coming from her head. She healed pretty quick but had still been too woozy from the shock of having her skull cracked open to go after the so-called Model Trinity.

We went after them, in the process learning that the police blamed us for helping them escape. I don’t really blame them in general, but Commissioner O’Hanlon? I thought he and I trusted each other.

I guess not. They’ve been chasing after us all night. Moonshine and I have been running all over town, chasing after the Trinity and being chased by the police. We found them once, but it was a trap. They escaped while we were trying to get out.

And if that weren’t bad enough, we ran pretty much afoul, as it were, of some of the very drug traffickers we were going to start tracking again tonight or tomorrow. We had been following the Trinity’s trail at the time and it led us straight to a group of them. They were in the same model of car as the one from the drive-by several weeks ago, so I’m pretty sure they were related. And with the trail leading us straight to them, it’s only sane to say that the Trinity’s definitely related too.

And since we had lost the police by that time, we had no backup.

So, what are two young girls, facing a half dozen mean old men with guns alone and with no backup, to do? Fight like hell.

And we did. Until I got fucking shot in the stomach. That shit hurt like nothing I’ve felt before. I’ve been grazed before, but I’ve never been outright shot before. That definitely wasn’t a flesh wound.

Moonshine had no choice; she flew me out, trying not to get shot herself, and back to headquarters. We’d only been on the ground before because we were still looking for the Trinity, as well as outrunning the police. We certainly didn’t forget we could fly in the panic of running from the police and all. That would be ridiculous.

She managed to outrun the bullets or whatever and take me back to headquarters. There, she pulled out some fancy gadget whatevers of hers and healed me or something. I don’t really care what she did to me, she could’ve beat me three ways from Sunday and I wouldn’t have cared, as long as it took the pain away. It healed me and took the pain away. The outfit I wear can apparently heal itself, too, so that’s good. Not even a bullet hole. There is a nasty bloodstain it. And I probably won’t get over the shock of the pain any time soon.

We’re not staying here long. We have to get back out and find a way to clear our names with the police, on top of finding out who exactly the Trinity is, what their involvement with the gang is, who exactly is behind the gang, and what the whole deal with the Frontiersman even is.

Busy day and a half.

New Moon Rising? #2

She got here with a loud knock, to the tune of some piece of classical music. When she got inside – in her civvies – she lit up a cigarette of her own design. She made it especially for her, so she could make them herself and wouldn’t have to keep stealing them. Her breath still smelled like the vodka.

We got to arguing almost immediately. I kept trying to get her to apologize, even though she was right about me not really wanting one. She ended up swallowing her pride and saying it just to shut me up. Works for me. I know she meant it, even if she doesn’t want to admit it.

See, that’s the thing about people like us. When you’ve known people as long as we’ve known each other, you get to know what each other’s really feeling and how it’s not what their outside shows they’re feeling. Both of us feel stuff we don’t like showing. And both of us know damn well what those things are.

Then we got to talking about the drug trafficking stuff. She agreed that somebody was more than likely paying the police off to ignore the traces of fog (adding that it was probably my fault for putting it in the blog in the first place, you idiot – her words, not mine). I brushed off the insult. I’m used to it from her.

We’re going back out now to go by the police station lockup. We’re gonna try talking to Graphique, Silver Stiletto, and whatsername. Socialighter. We’re gonna separate them; I get Silver Stiletto and she gets Graphique. We decided that because she doesn’t want me beating Graphique up again – or the other way around, if Graphique is angry about me bruising that pretty, pretty face of hers. What little I could reach, anyway.

Hopefully, Silver Stiletto’s recovered from the concussion by now. And while I could care more about Socialighter, she doesn’t seem to be a major player in their gang. Just sort of a little tagalong, a sidekick. Of course, that means she’s probably the leader of the whole operation, and maybe even the leader of the drug trafficking ring.

But that’s just too paranoid, right?