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Solar Eclipse

The solar eclipse is starting. It makes me feel like when the sun is going down, only worse because it’s in the middle of the day. It makes me a bit dizzy for about a half-hour and gives me a minor headache. Now, of course, it’s gonna make my already constant headache even worse and probably make me throw up again. Not fun. Not in the mood to say about much else.


A murderer appears?

So. Have you heard the news?

Literally, because this was on the news.

Peer Review is dead. He was one of the newer villains. I think I’ve only talked about him all of once on here. The police were only able to identify his body because of the note that was left with it.

“Peer Review: GUILTY.”

It was signed by the Night Stalker. Everybody’s got their panties all in a twist over it, but I figured it out pretty much the minute I heard the name.

I wish I could be out there right now. Instead, the only connection I’ve got is a phone line. Scarlet Court figured it out pretty quickly too. I’m starting to believe her. We had to tell Totem who it was. They’re out there now, trying to find the Night Stalker before the police do.

Peer Review may have been a murderer, but the police generally don’t tolerate vigilante murders. Or murder at all. It’s kind of against the law, y’know.

So I’m here in the hospital, about to throw up again because of all these damn feelings. I don’t think I like this year very much.

Today must be a Thursday…

Today’s been a busy day, mostly for the visitors I’ve had.

I managed to fall asleep around 4 last night. Thank god I didn’t have any nightmares this time around. Hurt like hell though. I had a lot of fun trying to convince Totem to go look for Moonshine instead of sitting here by my side. (It was actually really really difficult.) But he finally left sometime after he made sure I was as okay as I’m gonna be for the next several weeks.

About an hour after he left, I got a visitor, which I wasn’t expecting at all. I was expecting who it actually was even less. Moonshine’s sister. I didn’t even know she had a sister. All the times I’ve spent at Moonshine’s penthouse, all the times I’ve heard her mom and dad talk about the good old days, all the pictures I’ve seen, not once have I heard even the slightest clue that Moonshine might have a sister.

It was like a tv show, introducing a new character with nothing hinting at their existence beforehand. I didn’t believe who she said she was, of course. She pulled out pictures of her and a much, much younger Moonshine. MUCH younger. I can’t emphasize how much younger she was. She was wearing a PINK sundress, for god’s sake. Can you imagine Moonshine in pink? I certainly can’t.

She showed me a couple other pictures and an ID, told me stories, all that sort of thing. I still don’t fully believe her. Her excuse for nothing mentioning her was being disowned by her parents. She refused to tell me why, but Moonshine’s parents don’t seem the type to out and out disown their own kids like that. They were superheroes, for god’s sake. Or were, given what happened to her father.

I finally got around asking why she was there after the awkward silence. She said she was in town to help look for Moonshine, who didn’t want to let go of her sister in the first, second, or third places. She figured if anyone could get find and get through to Moonshine right now, it would be her.

Whatever. I don’t really believe her, and I won’t until I get Moonshine’s take on it. And that won’t happen until she’s found, obviously. Her “sister” said she’d get pretty much right to searching after she left the hospital.

Before she left, she told me one last thing to try to get me to believe her. It was a funny little thing about Moonshine that I thought nobody but her and I knew. No way in hell I’m telling you guys what it is.

I dunno. I have to say, she does look an awful lot like Moonshine and her mom. They’ve got the same mouth and the same sort of freckles. She doesn’t keep her hair like Moonshine, though; Moonshine’s got a pixie cut and her supposed sister’s hair is down to her shoulders and curly.

She told me to call her Scarlet Court in the blog, which tells me three things. She plans to be a superhero (or at least a masked crimefighter), she reads my blog, and she likes appropriately generational nicknames. Joy. So uh, I guess if you see that name in the news? You’ll know who it is.

I probably shouldn’t have said that. Apparently, the SCPD and Commissioner Barracuda are among my readers.

Screw it.

My second visitor was from someone who gave me enough worry to upset my stomach into making me throw up. That wasn’t very pleasant.

If you’ve lived in Spotlight City for more than a few weeks, you’ve probably at least seen the cover of the Spotlight Sun. It’s pretty much our version of the Daily Bugle or the Daily Planet or, y’know, any classic comic book city’s hometown newspaper. It even has an “accidentally” appropriate name, given the supergirl most commonly associated with the city.

Well, my second visitor, a few hours after Scarlet Court left, was the editor of the Spotlight Sun, Johnny Ocean himself. Yeah, his name sounds like something from a skeezy caper flick. He seemed like that too, if the caper flick in question was written and directed by Quentin Tarantino.

I think if there was a movie based on my life, I’d want Tarantino to play him, too.

He came in with his fast-talking and his seasoning of swears, and eventually got to the point. He wanted two things out of me. The first was an exclusive interview with me, something no news magazine or talk show has been able to do so far. I don’t like news people.

Maybe that’s why that radio show from a few months ago fell through, they weren’t able to score an interview with me so their funding got cut. Tough.

The second thing was my collaboration on some Facebook publicity thing he wanted to do, given all the heroes and villains overshadowing the normal criminals and making those criminals want to step up their game and get noticed and that sort of thing. As he says it, it’ll be like Showdown Lowdown but on Facebook and minus the interviews. Apparently, it’ll just be news updates centering on the heroes and villains in this city.

I think it’s a terrible idea, of course. I think it’ll fall through, like the radio show did.

I think the interview is a terrible idea too, but he had a little bargaining chip. Namely, he had quite a lot of money to spare, and he was willing to spare it on every single member of hospital staff, to make sure they didn’t tell anyone my real name. In return for the interview, of course.

See? Skeezy.

I told him I needed time to think about it. He gave me until after the solar eclipse, then the deal is off the table. I asked him why he wanted this now, and he said it was because he had the opportunity. And a bargaining chip.

Naturally. Iconic superhero gets put in the hospital, the first thing the skeezy local news wants is to twist it to their advantage. See why I hate the media now?

We didn’t say much else. When he left, the room felt much less greasy.

Totem came back a few hours after that, to check in and tell me he hadn’t found Moonshine, but had been contacted by Scarlet Court. He wanted to talk to me about her, get my take and that kind of thing. Apparently, she mentioned me to him. They’re going to make a hesitant team out of finding Moonshine.

Still nothing from Bound Radical.

I hope this team-up doesn’t mean Totem’s going to stop making me chocolate milk every night before I try my hand at sleep. Or calling me Sunshine.


Or staying by my bed at night. I still like it when he does that.

I guess that’s all. A proper Thursday. Never could get the hang of them.

Hospitals are boring

I managed to fall asleep for about an hour. Then I had a nightmare. Of course. It was the end of the world and there was nobody by my side. I was all alone and there was nothing I could do to stop the world crashing down around me. I guess having all my nightmares be about Dr. Synegy would be a cliche.

My everything hurts. I wish my wristbands weren’t so stupid about what they healed. When I breathe, I start coughing up a storm because one of my ribs got broken and it punctured my lung. When I cough, my whole chest hurts and brings me back to the flashes of that day.

My attending nurse, Carmen, keeps trying to push painkillers on me but I don’t want them. This pain is the price of being a superhero, and I’ll pay it. Without help. I have to.

I’m pretty sure by now all the doctors and nurses in the hospital know who I am. Kind of hard not to. This is why I haven’t named the hospital.

It’s boring as hell being in a hospital. All I’ve been doing is watching shit on Totem’s computer. I might try my hand at writing soon. Something other than this blog, I mean. I have some ideas I’d like to see in print.

Oh well. Back to watching movies until I drift into nightmares again. Probably Chronicle. Love that movie.

Can’t think of a sun pun

The hands are working a little better today. I don’t think I’ll have to have Totem proofread it this time. He’s not here anyway.

He hasn’t been sleeping much. It’s my fault. So I told him to go get some sleep. He’s off in the corner of the room now, sleeping like a little boy who can turn into monsters. I still haven’t figured out how he does it. He won’t tell me. I don’t even know his real name.

Did you know he drools a little in his sleep? It’s so adorable. Oh god, he’s gonna hate me for saying about this, haha. But it is. It’s really adorable, c’mon.

Have any of you heard about this partial solar eclipse on Sunday? That’s gonna hurt like hell. Sun blocked by the moon? If Moonshine and I were out there on Sunday, it would be one of those rare times she’d be stronger than me during the day.

But now that I’m all beat up (my wristbands aren’t doing a damn thing to help because they only heal you back to how you are when you put them on…so if they come off after you get hurt and then you put them back on, they’ll make you hurt again), I know I can’t be out there. I can’t even look for her in this state. I have Bound Radical out there looking for her, but I dunno if it’s doing any good. I’m gonna have Totem go out and look tomorrow, like he was doing while I was out.

I dunno. It’s starting to look like a trend in Moonshine’s family, people disappearing like this. First her father, now her. Although after I found out who her father is, well…let’s just say I understand why she left. But that doesn’t mean I like it.

This is all for now. Other than that I feel a little like Batgirl, after Killing Joke. Anyone ever read that? Next thing you know, I’ll start calling myself Oracle. Just watch.


I can’t believe I’m still alive.

But somehow…god. Somehow.

It’s been a while. I’ve spent longer without posting. I guess. But this time, my excuse isn’t lazing around. It’s being in the hospital. I still am.

I’ve been putting off posting for a while now, I’ll admit. Partly out of paranoia that I’ll be found again. The first week and a half I was here, though, I was either in surgery or in a coma most of the time. I guess that’s to be expected when you get beat to hell and back, though.

But I’m awake now. And I just want to get all this off my chest or whatever. Not really. Whatever. I’m just gonna stop whining and tell you what happened on that goddamn day already.

Moonshine’s mom died pretty early in the day. She called me about it, woke me up. You pretty much saw that post already. About an hour after I made it, Moonshine still hadn’t come out and that’s why he was able to ambush me. I dunno how he got in. Well, I do know; he dresses like a goddamn doctor enough, I guess the other doctors just ignored him.

I’m talking about Dr. Synergy, by the way. As I was coming back from a temporary absence from the door (if you must know, it was because I was in the bathroom), he managed to come up behind me and kick me straight up in the back. Before I was able to get a mental hold on my wristbands, his combat boots came down on first my right knee, then my left knee. He…pretty much broke them straight off.

I was pretty out of it with pain by then, but I knew my knees would heal and I’d be able to get him back. I had to. But I didn’t. You know why?

Because he had a hacksaw in his hands that I didn’t know about until he brought it down on my wrist. And then my other wrist. I remember screaming. Not much else. And I remember the sound of his voice in my ear, his raspy giggling off-kilter voice, ranting about something different than his usual nonsense.

He was ranting about Ruby Justice this time. Y’know, of the All-Star Corps. He kept saying how he’d lost her and would never get it back and how it was all my fault. That was my first clue. As to who he really is, I mean.

All I remember after that is blurs. Being kicked around. An elephant stomping on my chest. Not really. But it felt damn near like one. Moonshine coming out of the hospital room, decked all in her superhero gear (easy for her, she carried it everywhere in her bag, which I probably should’ve done, but lucky I didn’t cuz that means it’s still in one piece, unlike me). I remember her flying Dr. Synergy into a wall and out into the sky. Then I remember waking up in the hospital bed with a headache the exact size of Belgium, my legs and chest in matching casts, and no hands.

You might be wondering how I’m typing this if I have no hands. Aha, well, I do have hands now. They’re not real. I wish they were. It’s Bound Radical’s doing. He was there when I woke up. Totem was too.

Moonshine wasn’t.

After I dealt with being conscious again and tried to ignore the country in my head, Totem and Bound Radical filled me in on what had happened since I’d been out. I woke up about a week after the attack, as it turned out. After they heard about the attack (naturally, it made the evening news), Totem sent Bound Radical a contact and they met up to deal with Synergy. Totem because of his protectiveness about me, Radical because I dunno, who knows why he does anything?

I’m pretty sure they blew up his lab in the process. They said or at least heavily implied that Synergy had died too, but kept dodging my questions about his body. Because if you’re going to try to kill a supervillain, you always make sure you find the body. My paranoia about that keeps niggling back through my headache. I keep thinking Dr. Synergy’s gonna come bursting through the door and…well. Worse than what he’s already done.

It’s in my nightmares too. Totem hasn’t left my side since I woke up, and he tells me all about how I wake up screaming in the middle of the night. Y’know, typical post-traumatic stress stuff. Or whatever. He keeps assuring me Synergy’s gone, though. It works for a little while. He makes the nightmares go away for the rest of the night with his comforting and his nicknames and his chocolate milk, but they always come back.

I guess that’ll be a problem for a while.

As for Bound Radical, after I got my bearings with consciousness and had gotten up to speed with what had happened, he gave me my wristbands. He said he’d found them in the ruins of the lab, but not my hands. Then he offered me hands of his own invention. Robotic hands. Like in Star Wars. He even offered them at half-price, before Totem threatened him into donating them to me.

Getting them past hospital security was a hell of a ride, and then getting them on was another hell of a ride. I’m still getting used to them. I’m having Totem spellcheck when I’m done with it, so it looks all nice and proper.

Luckily, I haven’t turned into Darth Vader yet. But given how much of me is broken, I’m beginning to think that’s a real possibility.

Moonshine is gone too. I haven’t seen her since those flashes I barely remember. She was nowhere in sight when Totem and Bound Radical showed up at the laboratory either, but they did say that Dr. Synergy was all bloodied and bruised up. His coat even had bloodstains all over it.

I’ve been filling my pretty little head up with images of what happened to her and where she is. I can’t help it. She’s my best friend. My partner. She should damn well be here for me.

Totem’s been scouring the news and the internet (because thank god, this hospital has an internet connection) for any sign of her, but nothing yet. When I see her, I am gonna be pissed. I am pissed. But I try not to focus on it. Too much.

Moonshine. Please. If you read this, come see me. I need you.