Lonely at night

Totem and Scarlet Court aren’t here tonight. Neither is Moonshine. None of them are answering my calls.

This is what makes all of this so hard to bear. Not being able to breathe without feeling like I just got stabbed in the lungs, not being able to feel things with my hands anymore, not being able to walk at all…I’d be able to easily take that all in stride if I just had one of the only three people I consider my friends here with me.

I don’t want to sound selfish. Except maybe I do. I know I’ve asked a lot from Moonshine. She was the only one there after my parents died. And I know I’ve really only just met Totem and especially Scarlet Court, and those two are here a lot and that’s great. But nights like this, and that’s every night, the only thing I ever need is someone who I care about to be here for me and not leave me alone with my thoughts and my nightmares.

I know. Totem is a superhero and so is Scarlet Court. They have duties, just like I did before I got all knocked up, and not in the romantic-comedy way.  But Moonshine? We just got her off the hook for a killing spree and she hasn’t even stopped by to say “hey, best friend I’ve known my entire life, how are you feeling? do you need anything? like someone to distract you so you don’t break down again?”

All she’s done is train her fancy-ass new spider pet.

The forest is really lonely at night.


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