The Obligatory “About Me” Page

So I’m Solar Girl. I’m a superhero, working out of Spotlight City, and most of you have probably never heard of me or the city. I work with my sidekick, Moonshine, to gather proof of bad guys doing bad things and stop them however possible. We’ve only had a few masked bad guys so far, though.

I have a Twitter account, and I probably post more about what goes on in my day than I do here. I know I type better here than I do there, but that’s because I’m usually rushing out feelings there. Here, I have more time to think things over and type like I like typing. It’s here. It would be just @SolarGirl, but somebody already took that. That’s why my username here is solargirl2012 too. I kind of don’t like that I can’t be SolarGirl everywhere, but I guess I came too late, huh?

That’s about it! Those of you who have heard of me already know what my outfit looks like, and Moonshine’s as well. She doesn’t have a Twitter, by the way. She doesn’t really like the internet as much as I do…I’m an internet freak. But I know I don’t type like an internet freak! I just like typing well, so.


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