A murderer appears?

So. Have you heard the news?

Literally, because this was on the news.

Peer Review is dead. He was one of the newer villains. I think I’ve only talked about him all of once on here. The police were only able to identify his body because of the note that was left with it.

“Peer Review: GUILTY.”

It was signed by the Night Stalker. Everybody’s got their panties all in a twist over it, but I figured it out pretty much the minute I heard the name.

I wish I could be out there right now. Instead, the only connection I’ve got is a phone line. Scarlet Court figured it out pretty quickly too. I’m starting to believe her. We had to tell Totem who it was. They’re out there now, trying to find the Night Stalker before the police do.

Peer Review may have been a murderer, but the police generally don’t tolerate vigilante murders. Or murder at all. It’s kind of against the law, y’know.

So I’m here in the hospital, about to throw up again because of all these damn feelings. I don’t think I like this year very much.


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