Can’t think of a sun pun

The hands are working a little better today. I don’t think I’ll have to have Totem proofread it this time. He’s not here anyway.

He hasn’t been sleeping much. It’s my fault. So I told him to go get some sleep. He’s off in the corner of the room now, sleeping like a little boy who can turn into monsters. I still haven’t figured out how he does it. He won’t tell me. I don’t even know his real name.

Did you know he drools a little in his sleep? It’s so adorable. Oh god, he’s gonna hate me for saying about this, haha. But it is. It’s really adorable, c’mon.

Have any of you heard about this partial solar eclipse on Sunday? That’s gonna hurt like hell. Sun blocked by the moon? If Moonshine and I were out there on Sunday, it would be one of those rare times she’d be stronger than me during the day.

But now that I’m all beat up (my wristbands aren’t doing a damn thing to help because they only heal you back to how you are when you put them on…so if they come off after you get hurt and then you put them back on, they’ll make you hurt again), I know I can’t be out there. I can’t even look for her in this state. I have Bound Radical out there looking for her, but I dunno if it’s doing any good. I’m gonna have Totem go out and look tomorrow, like he was doing while I was out.

I dunno. It’s starting to look like a trend in Moonshine’s family, people disappearing like this. First her father, now her. Although after I found out who her father is, well…let’s just say I understand why she left. But that doesn’t mean I like it.

This is all for now. Other than that I feel a little like Batgirl, after Killing Joke. Anyone ever read that? Next thing you know, I’ll start calling myself Oracle. Just watch.



I can’t believe I’m still alive.

But somehow…god. Somehow.

It’s been a while. I’ve spent longer without posting. I guess. But this time, my excuse isn’t lazing around. It’s being in the hospital. I still am.

I’ve been putting off posting for a while now, I’ll admit. Partly out of paranoia that I’ll be found again. The first week and a half I was here, though, I was either in surgery or in a coma most of the time. I guess that’s to be expected when you get beat to hell and back, though.

But I’m awake now. And I just want to get all this off my chest or whatever. Not really. Whatever. I’m just gonna stop whining and tell you what happened on that goddamn day already.

Moonshine’s mom died pretty early in the day. She called me about it, woke me up. You pretty much saw that post already. About an hour after I made it, Moonshine still hadn’t come out and that’s why he was able to ambush me. I dunno how he got in. Well, I do know; he dresses like a goddamn doctor enough, I guess the other doctors just ignored him.

I’m talking about Dr. Synergy, by the way. As I was coming back from a temporary absence from the door (if you must know, it was because I was in the bathroom), he managed to come up behind me and kick me straight up in the back. Before I was able to get a mental hold on my wristbands, his combat boots came down on first my right knee, then my left knee. He…pretty much broke them straight off.

I was pretty out of it with pain by then, but I knew my knees would heal and I’d be able to get him back. I had to. But I didn’t. You know why?

Because he had a hacksaw in his hands that I didn’t know about until he brought it down on my wrist. And then my other wrist. I remember screaming. Not much else. And I remember the sound of his voice in my ear, his raspy giggling off-kilter voice, ranting about something different than his usual nonsense.

He was ranting about Ruby Justice this time. Y’know, of the All-Star Corps. He kept saying how he’d lost her and would never get it back and how it was all my fault. That was my first clue. As to who he really is, I mean.

All I remember after that is blurs. Being kicked around. An elephant stomping on my chest. Not really. But it felt damn near like one. Moonshine coming out of the hospital room, decked all in her superhero gear (easy for her, she carried it everywhere in her bag, which I probably should’ve done, but lucky I didn’t cuz that means it’s still in one piece, unlike me). I remember her flying Dr. Synergy into a wall and out into the sky. Then I remember waking up in the hospital bed with a headache the exact size of Belgium, my legs and chest in matching casts, and no hands.

You might be wondering how I’m typing this if I have no hands. Aha, well, I do have hands now. They’re not real. I wish they were. It’s Bound Radical’s doing. He was there when I woke up. Totem was too.

Moonshine wasn’t.

After I dealt with being conscious again and tried to ignore the country in my head, Totem and Bound Radical filled me in on what had happened since I’d been out. I woke up about a week after the attack, as it turned out. After they heard about the attack (naturally, it made the evening news), Totem sent Bound Radical a contact and they met up to deal with Synergy. Totem because of his protectiveness about me, Radical because I dunno, who knows why he does anything?

I’m pretty sure they blew up his lab in the process. They said or at least heavily implied that Synergy had died too, but kept dodging my questions about his body. Because if you’re going to try to kill a supervillain, you always make sure you find the body. My paranoia about that keeps niggling back through my headache. I keep thinking Dr. Synergy’s gonna come bursting through the door and…well. Worse than what he’s already done.

It’s in my nightmares too. Totem hasn’t left my side since I woke up, and he tells me all about how I wake up screaming in the middle of the night. Y’know, typical post-traumatic stress stuff. Or whatever. He keeps assuring me Synergy’s gone, though. It works for a little while. He makes the nightmares go away for the rest of the night with his comforting and his nicknames and his chocolate milk, but they always come back.

I guess that’ll be a problem for a while.

As for Bound Radical, after I got my bearings with consciousness and had gotten up to speed with what had happened, he gave me my wristbands. He said he’d found them in the ruins of the lab, but not my hands. Then he offered me hands of his own invention. Robotic hands. Like in Star Wars. He even offered them at half-price, before Totem threatened him into donating them to me.

Getting them past hospital security was a hell of a ride, and then getting them on was another hell of a ride. I’m still getting used to them. I’m having Totem spellcheck when I’m done with it, so it looks all nice and proper.

Luckily, I haven’t turned into Darth Vader yet. But given how much of me is broken, I’m beginning to think that’s a real possibility.

Moonshine is gone too. I haven’t seen her since those flashes I barely remember. She was nowhere in sight when Totem and Bound Radical showed up at the laboratory either, but they did say that Dr. Synergy was all bloodied and bruised up. His coat even had bloodstains all over it.

I’ve been filling my pretty little head up with images of what happened to her and where she is. I can’t help it. She’s my best friend. My partner. She should damn well be here for me.

Totem’s been scouring the news and the internet (because thank god, this hospital has an internet connection) for any sign of her, but nothing yet. When I see her, I am gonna be pissed. I am pissed. But I try not to focus on it. Too much.

Moonshine. Please. If you read this, come see me. I need you.

Sundown #2

This is gonna be a short post. I don’t feel like writing much, but I need to tell you.

Moonshine’s mom died today. I’m with Moonshine at the hospital. Or I would be, if she hadn’t locked herself in the room with her mom. I can hear her through the door. I’d force myself in, but I know better than anyone how much this hurts, and I know everyone has different ways of dealing with this shit. So I’m keeping other people out while Moonshine deals.

I wish she’d let me in, though. I loved her mom too. Maybe not as much as she did, but it was still there. Her mom was the last thing like that that I had, so this hurts me just as much. But I know. Now it’s my turn to be strong for her. I had my crying time. Now I should let her have hers. So I guess I will.

Sundown #1

Ugh. Fuck everything. I’m serious. Whatever happened to the fun little game this used to be? When it was just Moonshine and I against a city of crime? When did this shit get so serious?

The past couple weeks have been…difficult? I guess I can use that word here. Sorry I haven’t been posting. It’s just really hard to get into the mindset of posting when I’m too busy thinking about if I’m going to die if I walk out the door. You’d be worrying about that too, if you’d had the kind of weeks I’ve had.

The first major thing was what happened with Totem, so let’s start there. He came over the night I made my last post and we had a talk. He was right what he said, about me not having a big brother. But I’ll be honest, I felt kind of insulted he reduced me to his little sister. I know I’m young, okay? I know how much trouble he could get in for being with me.

But I don’t want an older brother. It’s a nice thought, but that’s not what I want or need right now.

So I ended up basically yelling at him about this kind of thing. He still comes over, but it’s only because of the shit that’s been going on.

About ten days ago, Dr. Synergy came back.

It wasn’t him directly. Of course not, that would be ridiculous. Instead, he sent his fucked-up sidekick clone or proxy of me or whatever the hell, Socialighter. Remember her? The girl I thought I’d killed, only to discover she was in with Synergy? Yeah. Apparently, he succeeded in cloning my wristbands or something – I blame Bound Radical for giving him the technology – and gave them to Socialighter, but something went wrong somewhere.

It’s like they were either faulty or she was too angry when she first used them, but I’m gonna go with both. Her already-burned skin was practically crispy-fried when she came after me ten days ago. But I could only see that when she wasn’t on fire. I’m talking Human Torch flavour here.

I’m guessing she didn’t die because of the wristbands’ healing thing, but I didn’t get why she didn’t heal back her skin. I’ve come to the theory that it’s because the wristbands only heal you back to the state you were in when you first put them on. And since Socialighter here was all burned and scarred when she first put them on, presumably…

Anyway. She came after me, all on fire and shit, screaming about things I could barely understand. And I mean screaming, like she couldn’t stop. Totem and I had been at breakfast at the time, the same diner we’ve been eating at. Well, had been eating at. Not since the attack, seeing as the attack kind of blew it up.

Socialighter and I went at it for a few seconds before Totem came along, with his whatever it was he turned into. I think it might have been a rhinoceros. I remember scales or armour. He and I pretty much double-teamed her down, but she got away. Haven’t seen her since. Synergy probably did something horrible to her when he found her.

We haven’t been able to find either of them, actually, but at least Synergy has been able to find us. A couple days later, we got attacked by the spiders. Remember his spider farm? They’re king size now. I’m talking the kind of king size every kid would rather get instead of the fun size Halloween candy.

I’m talking big as a goddamn car.

I will never look at goddamn spiders the same way again.

Totem pretty much dealt with it all on his own, with some giantish bear thing of his. It was the kind of fight that would use millions of dollars of budget if it was a superhero movie. But it cost me nothing. And hey! It was even in 3D!

Yeah, 3D ain’t quite all it’s cracked up to be.

Totem pretty much killed all the spiders, but some of them escaped. We went looking for Synergy after, but we haven’t been able to find him. He’s not even in the laboratory anymore. Maybe Toxic Asset got him a new place or something.

We went by the hospital yesterday, the 21st, to check on Moonshine and her mom. Her mom…isn’t doing too well. I’m talking “her regular bed’s turned into her deathbed” kind of not too well here. So Moonshine’s pretty much refusing to leave her side.

I’d be there with her too, but I kind of would like to not die myself, so Totem and I are at least trying to do something about getting after the people who have been trying to make me die. Or the one person, I guess, now that Hypno-Terrorist has disappeared.

Tomorrow or later today or whatever, Totem and I are going to see if we can get in touch with Bound Radical. He’s probably gonna send him a Tumblr message or something. I’d do that myself, except I’d rather not get my Tumblr involved in things like this. Anyway, we’re gonna see if Radical knows anything about where Synergy is, and if so, we’re gonna see if he wants to help us take him down.

I wouldn’t normally want to ask someone like him for help. But from his Tumblr, he seems like he’s got kind of a hate-boner for Synergy, so I figure he’d take any chance to help hate-bone Synergy’s creepy little ass.

A Little Sunshine In The Darkness

It’s raining outside. I’m at headquarters. In my head, he and I are curled up under the blankets together in the darkness, listening to the soft patter of rain on the roof and drifting off together. My reality will never match up to that image, but it’s what I’ve been holding onto the past few weeks, when neither he nor Moonshine are here with me.

This must seem suspicious, with my last post from the 1st. Ten days ago. Jeez. I feel all bad for not posting anything after that…well, whatever that was. The “he” I’m talking about isn’t the Hypno-Terrorist, I promise. The Hypno-Terrorist is…let’s just say he might need a therapist after what happened to him.

And I have Totem to thank for that! You may have heard about him lately. One of the new heroes, but he’s actually got some kinda powers, unlike a bunch of the others. I think I’ve posted about him before, but I can’t remember right now. I met him a couple months ago, but I never paid much attention to him. Well. Until the 1st, anyway.

After the Hypno-Terrorist grabbed me in the tunnels, I was pretty out of it and I guess he got to Moonshine too then. Well, Moonshine’s safe now too. She’s at the hospital, but not to recover from anything.

She’s with her mom again, who…isn’t doing too well. I go by there every couple days to visit with them. She still reads to her mom, but they’ve moved on to another book. Anna Karenina this time. Still Russian. Moonshine and her mom love their Russian stuff.

As for me, I’m safe too. Promise. A couple nights after HT jumped us, Totem came to the roaring rescue, smashing through the wall or window or whatever, I don’t remember much. Most of what I know comes from his Tumblr posts. Point is, he got us out safely and HT hasn’t bothered us again. Yet, anyway.

After that, he took us back to his own headquarters for a while, to try and help us recover. The first thing I remember for sure is waking up in a room that smelled like fresh laundry on top of the softest sheets I’ve ever laid on. A damp washcloth over my eyes prevented me from seeing much of the room until later. I was still pretty out of it, so I just faded out again soon after that.

The second time I woke up was a day or so later, or so he told me. The washcloth was gone and it was nighttime. He was sitting next to the bed as I was on, asleep himself but apparently having been keeping watch over me for who knows how long. That was the first thing that did it. I’ll never tell him this (though he’ll read it off here anyway, probably) but most of what he’s done for me is…let’s just say it’s a guaranteed way to get me all warm and fuzzy inside for someone.

He woke up when he heard me sit up in the bed. He had the Kool-Aid ready and everything. He said I should probably be drinking water, but he knew from the first time we met how much I liked my Kool-Aid. He let me get used to being awake for as long as I needed before we talked. The first thing I asked was where Moonshine was. She was safe, in another room. The second thing was what happened.

He explained it all, slowly. When I first heard what happened (I don’t even remember making that last post, and I want to get rid of it because of…things I said in them, but every time I try…let’s just say bad things happen), I felt…well, not much. I knew how I was probably supposed to feel, and still do. But…I dunno. I couldn’t bring myself to feel much about what had happened to me. He asked me how I feel after he told me what happened. I just shrugged.

We didn’t say much after that. I fell asleep a little while after, that’s mainly why. When I woke up the next morning, Moonshine was gone and I was still in my uniform. Well, my mask and boots were off and my pigtails had probably come undone several days before. But other than that, it was mostly the same.

Totem told me when I got out to the kitchen area that Moonshine had gone sometime during the night. She left a note, for me, telling me she went back to the hospital. Only five words. “Went back to the hospital”. Not even a “Love Moonshine” postscript thing. I knew it was because she needed to be with her mom.

He fixed me food, which was…really nice. He’s not the best cook, which he openly admits to. But it’s been…a long damn time since anyone’s fixed me food that wasn’t at, y’know, a restaurant or a diner or something. Not since my parents…well, it’s been a while. I didn’t want to take the food. I felt I’d imposed enough or whatever. He practically forced it on me.

Then we started talking seriously. I didn’t want to. I wanted that moment of “Someone fixed me breakfast. Someone took care of me and protected me.” to last forever. That’s pretty much why I went quiet for so long after he asked about the scars.

I didn’t know I’d mentioned the scars in the post he told me I’d made until he asked about them. He said “So do you really have scars? You mentioned them in that post.”

I denied them instantly. Robotically. The words “I don’t have any scars” have been like a mantra of denial since I got over making them in the first place. Because how I got the scars is something I do remember from after my parents died. I guess I said how I got them in that last post, and I don’t want to say it again. But I know I have to. Because otherwise, I’ll feel like the confession wasn’t mine. And if I’m going to make a confession like this, it has to come from me. It has to be mine. And it wasn’t that time.

So you wanna know how I got these scars?

See, my father was…well, actually, he was a very nice and caring man. He had the kindest eyes you could imagine. Given things Totem’s told me, I’m pretty sure I got my eyes from my dad. But I loved my parents a lot, and that’s a pretty big understatement, as you can probably tell. So when they died, I was pretty upset, as you can probably also tell.

So…between all the crying and hugging Moonshine and pretending she was my mom, wanting more than anything for her to sing to me but knowing she never would, I had what you could call run-ins with one of Moonshine’s knives that I’d nicked from her place. It was mainly my stomach and my upper legs that had the run-ins. Frequent and painful run-ins. Moonshine didn’t find out about it until after the first month, when she caught me in the process of carving into my skin a word I managed to finish a week later. She took the knife after she found me, but I managed to find other things to do it with.

I don’t like thinking about it much. I still don’t. But if I don’t tell you, all you’ll have to go by is what Hypno-Terrorist forced me to say. So I’m giving you the official account.

After she caught me a few more times, she forced me to go to a therapist about it. I was pretty messed up. Therapy was a bad idea for me then. It still is. I don’t much like therapy, especially not when all I want to do is bleed to death through nasty words in my skin and maybe then I’ll be with my parents again.

I kind of fucked therapy right up. I stopped…having run-ins a bit after I fucked therapy up, but it was on my own accord. I just got bored of the pain and figured that if I did nothing at all, I’d fade away and everyone would forget about me.

I didn’t tell Totem any of this at first. I didn’t even confess to them until a couple days after he first asked about them. After about an hour of me staring into nothing at the breakfast table, he just washed the dishes in silence and let me sit there for a while. I got bored about an hour after and went to find him. I was all awkward by the time I found him again, trying to find something to talk about so he wouldn’t ask about the scars again.

I asked if he had any clothes I could change out of my uniform into laying around. When he said he didn’t, I awkwardly asked if he could accompany me back to my headquarters so I could change. So we went for a fly. Scared the crap out of him. It’s funny. He can turn into these terrifying animals, but he’s scared of flying. I guess he thought I was too petite to carry him.

He stayed in the main hangout room of the headquarters while I changed into some more comfortable stuff. It was just a sweatshirt, jeans, and a knit hat I like, but I remember the look on his face when he saw me in it. Here I thought they were just some old random clothes, but he looked at me like I was wearing a million-dollar prom dress. I had to pretend I forgot something so he wouldn’t see my blush.

That was the first time he called me Sunshine. And it was the first time I realised I might have significant feelings for him. I…kind of really like it when people give me nicknames like Sunshine. My mom used to call me that. It was part of the whole “You Are My Sunshine” thing. And even with what Dr. Synergy did to me and that song, I’m glad to realise he didn’t ruin it forever. Because when Totem called me Sunshine that first time, I…I’ll honestly say I practically melted in his arms right then and there.

But I didn’t. We went for a walk instead. We spent pretty much the rest of the day not really talking. Just walking through the forest outside Spotlight City. When it started getting dark, we went into the city to pick up some food. He paid. then we went home. He stayed at headquarters with me all night to make sure I was safe.

I woke up a couple times during that first night. The second time, I couldn’t get back to sleep, so he brought me some hot chocolate from his own place. Even if it meant I had to be alone for a few minutes, he brought me hot chocolate. Now, I don’t really like hot drinks all that much, but…when it’s from him, I do.

I went back to sleep shortly after the hot chocolate. I had a dream where everything wasn’t terrible for once. I didn’t want to wake up from it.

The second day was only a couple days ago now. And by a couple, I mean like five. I woke up to him complaining to himself about how we barely had any food at our place. By the time he saw I was awake, he’d rifled through all the cabinets at least six times. I ended up just suggesting we go somewhere for breakfast. We did, after I got dressed. After we ate our food, I told him about the scars.

I told him more or less all at once. He hadn’t even asked about them since the previous day. But I just wanted to get it off the table as fast as I could. He just sat there and listened to everything I said. When I was done, he got up, came over to my side of the booth, and hugged me. Then he ordered me a slice of pie I never asked for but ate anyway. He never said anything about what I’d just told him. I guess he figured he’d let me forget about it for a while.

We went by the hospital later that day, to check on Moonshine. Well, I went by the hospital and Totem stayed by my side to keep me safe. We stayed by the wall while Moonshine finished up the chapter she was reading and her mom drifted to sleep.

I just sort of stood there a bit awkwardly, but between the two people who are, then and now, my two favourite people in the world, listening to my best friend’s soft voice. I didn’t pay much attention to what she was reading. I probably wouldn’t understand it even if I had, since it was a Russian version.

I do feel a bit mad at her, though. She reads to her mom while she dies but she never sang or read to me after my parents died. But I only ever remember I’m mad at her after she’s done reading and we talk for a while. When I walk in on her reading like this, it just takes me completely off-balance.

After she finished reading, she sat there for a while, watching her mom sleep. Then she noticed Totem and I at the doorway, laid the book by the bed, and took us into the hallway. She asked why I’d brought him and I told her it was because she wasn’t there to make sure I was safe and Totem was. She hadn’t even dropped by the headquarters to make sure I was safe now.

That’s when I remembered all the things I’m mad at with her. But Totem broke us up before we got into another fight. He took me back out for a walk, practically forced me away.

During the walk is when he found out how old I actually am.

We got to talking about our childhoods, using me ranting about my history with Moonshine as a segue. During the conversation, I guess he figured out I wasn’t as old as he thought I was and asked me to make sure. I saw a visible difference in him after I told him I’m only 15. Now I wish I’d lied and told him I was older.

He doesn’t stay at the headquarters anymore, but he still brings me hot chocolate if I wake up and message him that I can’t sleep. But every time I do, it’s a lie. I do wake up and can’t get back to sleep, that part’s true. But it’s not because I need hot chocolate. I’ve realised by now, with all these images and fantasies going around in my head, staying up late wishing for things I know I can’t have, that the reason I can’t get back to sleep and the reason I message him about it to get him over here is because I’ve fallen in love with him. And because I wish that every time he comes over here, he’ll realise that my age doesn’t mean a damn thing about being with me, and crawl into bed with me and protect me the whole night long.

I know it’ll never happen. And if he reads this, he probably won’t even come over anymore. But I’ve finally realised all of this and I needed to say it, along with all the other things I’ve said in this post.

So I’m going to go to sleep without him, listening to the rain, alone in the dark with a thousand images of things that will never, ever happen.

April Fools

So Moonshine and I have been training, hard, for when we go after Synergy the past couple days. Last night, we went into the tunnels to go after him. But we before we actually could, we ran into someone I was trying to avoid: the Hypno-Terrorist.

It turned out to be actually a pretty cool thing, though, because as I’ve found out, he’s kind of a cool dude. Moonshine doesn’t agree at all with me, but he and I have spent the day together and he’s really just really really cool, y’know? I dunno why I was so nervous about meeting him now! It seems so silly because now I know what he’s really like, and I didn’t then.

He’s been helping me get over the scanonono I can’t don’t make me please. He’s still here with me, he’s trying to make me tell you about the scars my scars and I don’t want to but he’s so

I can’t

fuck you hypno-terrorist

He’s been helping me get over the scars from when I was cutting myself last year. The ones on my stomach and my legs. The ones I don’t talk about because I’m too ashamed of myself to admit I even have them and I’m too much of a coward to tell you all about them. He’s helping me like he did last year before I forgot about him and abandoned him and left him alone in the cold like the cowardly tease I am.

So yeah, we’re doing pretty well. Moonshine went on home when I ditched her for the Hypno-Terrorist because that’s the kind of horrible friend I am, but he’s helping me through it. I guess we’ll see how this all turns out!

Funny this happened on April Fools Day.

Time To Act

Moonshine and I have gotten back to our patrolling now. After a couple weeks or so of visiting her mom, she’s decided she’s ready to go back on patrol. We just got over a more or less average new moon depression, which she’s recovering from by punching bad guys with me. It’s nice. Not quite as nice as hearing her read. But still nice.

We haven’t been able to find anything on the Hypno-Terrorist and I haven’t been able to figure out where I know him from. He goes around in this monochromatic getup with a sweater vest and that swirly thing you see associated with hypnotism every now and then on the front of it. Horn-rimmed glasses to match, like the x-ray glasses in old comic books.

We haven’t even had a physical confrontation with him yet. The police either report him several days late or not at all, but I guess I should be surprised he’s not making them not report him at all. The media is the same. Even that radio show I mentioned seems to have been put on hold because of him. He may not even exist. It’s hard to keep track of all the villains in this city now. All the ones who are actually a threat, anyway.

Dr. Synergy, Bound Radical, Fleshmonger, the Hypno-Terrorist, maybe Daddy Issue. We even have a realtor who deals specifically in supervillain lairs now! Toxic Assets. Whoever he is doesn’t seem to be all that much of a threat, though. Socialighter too, though she’s with Dr. Synergy last I checked.

I guess I should be glad Graphique, Silver Stiletto, and Graver are all pretty much gone. Though I haven’t seen Graver in the hospital over the past couple weeks, and it’s the same hospital. I guess I should be worried about it but I’m not. Sometimes things just get too much to be emotional about. And Discojack…Discojack completely disappeared after we put Graver in the hospital. I don’t even know what was up with him.

But I’m saying it now. It’s time to stop pussyfooting around and letting these villains roam around. I know it seems fun and all, it makes me feel like I’m living in a comic book to have all these villains with the potential for regular battles with. But it’s dangerous as shit. If I couldn’t heal myself up, Dr. Synergy would’ve killed me in our last encounter. Possibly left some more serious scars in the others.

All these fodder heroes around Spotlight City need to stop doing what they’re doing unless they have actual powers of some use. I know it seems like you’re helping, but it would be a totally not cool thing if you died while doing this.

As for Moonshine and I…our first task is Dr. fucking Synergy. He’s the most direct threat to me. We’re gonna go after him in the next couple days.

I haven’t been tweeting. Sorry about that. I just don’t feel like it much these days. I’ll try and do it more if I can.