Today must be a Thursday…

Today’s been a busy day, mostly for the visitors I’ve had.

I managed to fall asleep around 4 last night. Thank god I didn’t have any nightmares this time around. Hurt like hell though. I had a lot of fun trying to convince Totem to go look for Moonshine instead of sitting here by my side. (It was actually really really difficult.) But he finally left sometime after he made sure I was as okay as I’m gonna be for the next several weeks.

About an hour after he left, I got a visitor, which I wasn’t expecting at all. I was expecting who it actually was even less. Moonshine’s sister. I didn’t even know she had a sister. All the times I’ve spent at Moonshine’s penthouse, all the times I’ve heard her mom and dad talk about the good old days, all the pictures I’ve seen, not once have I heard even the slightest clue that Moonshine might have a sister.

It was like a tv show, introducing a new character with nothing hinting at their existence beforehand. I didn’t believe who she said she was, of course. She pulled out pictures of her and a much, much younger Moonshine. MUCH younger. I can’t emphasize how much younger she was. She was wearing a PINK sundress, for god’s sake. Can you imagine Moonshine in pink? I certainly can’t.

She showed me a couple other pictures and an ID, told me stories, all that sort of thing. I still don’t fully believe her. Her excuse for nothing mentioning her was being disowned by her parents. She refused to tell me why, but Moonshine’s parents don’t seem the type to out and out disown their own kids like that. They were superheroes, for god’s sake. Or were, given what happened to her father.

I finally got around asking why she was there after the awkward silence. She said she was in town to help look for Moonshine, who didn’t want to let go of her sister in the first, second, or third places. She figured if anyone could get find and get through to Moonshine right now, it would be her.

Whatever. I don’t really believe her, and I won’t until I get Moonshine’s take on it. And that won’t happen until she’s found, obviously. Her “sister” said she’d get pretty much right to searching after she left the hospital.

Before she left, she told me one last thing to try to get me to believe her. It was a funny little thing about Moonshine that I thought nobody but her and I knew. No way in hell I’m telling you guys what it is.

I dunno. I have to say, she does look an awful lot like Moonshine and her mom. They’ve got the same mouth and the same sort of freckles. She doesn’t keep her hair like Moonshine, though; Moonshine’s got a pixie cut and her supposed sister’s hair is down to her shoulders and curly.

She told me to call her Scarlet Court in the blog, which tells me three things. She plans to be a superhero (or at least a masked crimefighter), she reads my blog, and she likes appropriately generational nicknames. Joy. So uh, I guess if you see that name in the news? You’ll know who it is.

I probably shouldn’t have said that. Apparently, the SCPD and Commissioner Barracuda are among my readers.

Screw it.

My second visitor was from someone who gave me enough worry to upset my stomach into making me throw up. That wasn’t very pleasant.

If you’ve lived in Spotlight City for more than a few weeks, you’ve probably at least seen the cover of the Spotlight Sun. It’s pretty much our version of the Daily Bugle or the Daily Planet or, y’know, any classic comic book city’s hometown newspaper. It even has an “accidentally” appropriate name, given the supergirl most commonly associated with the city.

Well, my second visitor, a few hours after Scarlet Court left, was the editor of the Spotlight Sun, Johnny Ocean himself. Yeah, his name sounds like something from a skeezy caper flick. He seemed like that too, if the caper flick in question was written and directed by Quentin Tarantino.

I think if there was a movie based on my life, I’d want Tarantino to play him, too.

He came in with his fast-talking and his seasoning of swears, and eventually got to the point. He wanted two things out of me. The first was an exclusive interview with me, something no news magazine or talk show has been able to do so far. I don’t like news people.

Maybe that’s why that radio show from a few months ago fell through, they weren’t able to score an interview with me so their funding got cut. Tough.

The second thing was my collaboration on some Facebook publicity thing he wanted to do, given all the heroes and villains overshadowing the normal criminals and making those criminals want to step up their game and get noticed and that sort of thing. As he says it, it’ll be like Showdown Lowdown but on Facebook and minus the interviews. Apparently, it’ll just be news updates centering on the heroes and villains in this city.

I think it’s a terrible idea, of course. I think it’ll fall through, like the radio show did.

I think the interview is a terrible idea too, but he had a little bargaining chip. Namely, he had quite a lot of money to spare, and he was willing to spare it on every single member of hospital staff, to make sure they didn’t tell anyone my real name. In return for the interview, of course.

See? Skeezy.

I told him I needed time to think about it. He gave me until after the solar eclipse, then the deal is off the table. I asked him why he wanted this now, and he said it was because he had the opportunity. And a bargaining chip.

Naturally. Iconic superhero gets put in the hospital, the first thing the skeezy local news wants is to twist it to their advantage. See why I hate the media now?

We didn’t say much else. When he left, the room felt much less greasy.

Totem came back a few hours after that, to check in and tell me he hadn’t found Moonshine, but had been contacted by Scarlet Court. He wanted to talk to me about her, get my take and that kind of thing. Apparently, she mentioned me to him. They’re going to make a hesitant team out of finding Moonshine.

Still nothing from Bound Radical.

I hope this team-up doesn’t mean Totem’s going to stop making me chocolate milk every night before I try my hand at sleep. Or calling me Sunshine.


Or staying by my bed at night. I still like it when he does that.

I guess that’s all. A proper Thursday. Never could get the hang of them.


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