Hospitals are boring

I managed to fall asleep for about an hour. Then I had a nightmare. Of course. It was the end of the world and there was nobody by my side. I was all alone and there was nothing I could do to stop the world crashing down around me. I guess having all my nightmares be about Dr. Synegy would be a cliche.

My everything hurts. I wish my wristbands weren’t so stupid about what they healed. When I breathe, I start coughing up a storm because one of my ribs got broken and it punctured my lung. When I cough, my whole chest hurts and brings me back to the flashes of that day.

My attending nurse, Carmen, keeps trying to push painkillers on me but I don’t want them. This pain is the price of being a superhero, and I’ll pay it. Without help. I have to.

I’m pretty sure by now all the doctors and nurses in the hospital know who I am. Kind of hard not to. This is why I haven’t named the hospital.

It’s boring as hell being in a hospital. All I’ve been doing is watching shit on Totem’s computer. I might try my hand at writing soon. Something other than this blog, I mean. I have some ideas I’d like to see in print.

Oh well. Back to watching movies until I drift into nightmares again. Probably Chronicle. Love that movie.


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