Can’t think of a sun pun

The hands are working a little better today. I don’t think I’ll have to have Totem proofread it this time. He’s not here anyway.

He hasn’t been sleeping much. It’s my fault. So I told him to go get some sleep. He’s off in the corner of the room now, sleeping like a little boy who can turn into monsters. I still haven’t figured out how he does it. He won’t tell me. I don’t even know his real name.

Did you know he drools a little in his sleep? It’s so adorable. Oh god, he’s gonna hate me for saying about this, haha. But it is. It’s really adorable, c’mon.

Have any of you heard about this partial solar eclipse on Sunday? That’s gonna hurt like hell. Sun blocked by the moon? If Moonshine and I were out there on Sunday, it would be one of those rare times she’d be stronger than me during the day.

But now that I’m all beat up (my wristbands aren’t doing a damn thing to help because they only heal you back to how you are when you put them on…so if they come off after you get hurt and then you put them back on, they’ll make you hurt again), I know I can’t be out there. I can’t even look for her in this state. I have Bound Radical out there looking for her, but I dunno if it’s doing any good. I’m gonna have Totem go out and look tomorrow, like he was doing while I was out.

I dunno. It’s starting to look like a trend in Moonshine’s family, people disappearing like this. First her father, now her. Although after I found out who her father is, well…let’s just say I understand why she left. But that doesn’t mean I like it.

This is all for now. Other than that I feel a little like Batgirl, after Killing Joke. Anyone ever read that? Next thing you know, I’ll start calling myself Oracle. Just watch.


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