Sundown #1

Ugh. Fuck everything. I’m serious. Whatever happened to the fun little game this used to be? When it was just Moonshine and I against a city of crime? When did this shit get so serious?

The past couple weeks have been…difficult? I guess I can use that word here. Sorry I haven’t been posting. It’s just really hard to get into the mindset of posting when I’m too busy thinking about if I’m going to die if I walk out the door. You’d be worrying about that too, if you’d had the kind of weeks I’ve had.

The first major thing was what happened with Totem, so let’s start there. He came over the night I made my last post and we had a talk. He was right what he said, about me not having a big brother. But I’ll be honest, I felt kind of insulted he reduced me to his little sister. I know I’m young, okay? I know how much trouble he could get in for being with me.

But I don’t want an older brother. It’s a nice thought, but that’s not what I want or need right now.

So I ended up basically yelling at him about this kind of thing. He still comes over, but it’s only because of the shit that’s been going on.

About ten days ago, Dr. Synergy came back.

It wasn’t him directly. Of course not, that would be ridiculous. Instead, he sent his fucked-up sidekick clone or proxy of me or whatever the hell, Socialighter. Remember her? The girl I thought I’d killed, only to discover she was in with Synergy? Yeah. Apparently, he succeeded in cloning my wristbands or something – I blame Bound Radical for giving him the technology – and gave them to Socialighter, but something went wrong somewhere.

It’s like they were either faulty or she was too angry when she first used them, but I’m gonna go with both. Her already-burned skin was practically crispy-fried when she came after me ten days ago. But I could only see that when she wasn’t on fire. I’m talking Human Torch flavour here.

I’m guessing she didn’t die because of the wristbands’ healing thing, but I didn’t get why she didn’t heal back her skin. I’ve come to the theory that it’s because the wristbands only heal you back to the state you were in when you first put them on. And since Socialighter here was all burned and scarred when she first put them on, presumably…

Anyway. She came after me, all on fire and shit, screaming about things I could barely understand. And I mean screaming, like she couldn’t stop. Totem and I had been at breakfast at the time, the same diner we’ve been eating at. Well, had been eating at. Not since the attack, seeing as the attack kind of blew it up.

Socialighter and I went at it for a few seconds before Totem came along, with his whatever it was he turned into. I think it might have been a rhinoceros. I remember scales or armour. He and I pretty much double-teamed her down, but she got away. Haven’t seen her since. Synergy probably did something horrible to her when he found her.

We haven’t been able to find either of them, actually, but at least Synergy has been able to find us. A couple days later, we got attacked by the spiders. Remember his spider farm? They’re king size now. I’m talking the kind of king size every kid would rather get instead of the fun size Halloween candy.

I’m talking big as a goddamn car.

I will never look at goddamn spiders the same way again.

Totem pretty much dealt with it all on his own, with some giantish bear thing of his. It was the kind of fight that would use millions of dollars of budget if it was a superhero movie. But it cost me nothing. And hey! It was even in 3D!

Yeah, 3D ain’t quite all it’s cracked up to be.

Totem pretty much killed all the spiders, but some of them escaped. We went looking for Synergy after, but we haven’t been able to find him. He’s not even in the laboratory anymore. Maybe Toxic Asset got him a new place or something.

We went by the hospital yesterday, the 21st, to check on Moonshine and her mom. Her mom…isn’t doing too well. I’m talking “her regular bed’s turned into her deathbed” kind of not too well here. So Moonshine’s pretty much refusing to leave her side.

I’d be there with her too, but I kind of would like to not die myself, so Totem and I are at least trying to do something about getting after the people who have been trying to make me die. Or the one person, I guess, now that Hypno-Terrorist has disappeared.

Tomorrow or later today or whatever, Totem and I are going to see if we can get in touch with Bound Radical. He’s probably gonna send him a Tumblr message or something. I’d do that myself, except I’d rather not get my Tumblr involved in things like this. Anyway, we’re gonna see if Radical knows anything about where Synergy is, and if so, we’re gonna see if he wants to help us take him down.

I wouldn’t normally want to ask someone like him for help. But from his Tumblr, he seems like he’s got kind of a hate-boner for Synergy, so I figure he’d take any chance to help hate-bone Synergy’s creepy little ass.


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