April Fools

So Moonshine and I have been training, hard, for when we go after Synergy the past couple days. Last night, we went into the tunnels to go after him. But we before we actually could, we ran into someone I was trying to avoid: the Hypno-Terrorist.

It turned out to be actually a pretty cool thing, though, because as I’ve found out, he’s kind of a cool dude. Moonshine doesn’t agree at all with me, but he and I have spent the day together and he’s really just really really cool, y’know? I dunno why I was so nervous about meeting him now! It seems so silly because now I know what he’s really like, and I didn’t then.

He’s been helping me get over the scanonono I can’t don’t make me please. He’s still here with me, he’s trying to make me tell you about the scars my scars and I don’t want to but he’s so

I can’t

fuck you hypno-terrorist

He’s been helping me get over the scars from when I was cutting myself last year. The ones on my stomach and my legs. The ones I don’t talk about because I’m too ashamed of myself to admit I even have them and I’m too much of a coward to tell you all about them. He’s helping me like he did last year before I forgot about him and abandoned him and left him alone in the cold like the cowardly tease I am.

So yeah, we’re doing pretty well. Moonshine went on home when I ditched her for the Hypno-Terrorist because that’s the kind of horrible friend I am, but he’s helping me through it. I guess we’ll see how this all turns out!

Funny this happened on April Fools Day.


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