Time To Act

Moonshine and I have gotten back to our patrolling now. After a couple weeks or so of visiting her mom, she’s decided she’s ready to go back on patrol. We just got over a more or less average new moon depression, which she’s recovering from by punching bad guys with me. It’s nice. Not quite as nice as hearing her read. But still nice.

We haven’t been able to find anything on the Hypno-Terrorist and I haven’t been able to figure out where I know him from. He goes around in this monochromatic getup with a sweater vest and that swirly thing you see associated with hypnotism every now and then on the front of it. Horn-rimmed glasses to match, like the x-ray glasses in old comic books.

We haven’t even had a physical confrontation with him yet. The police either report him several days late or not at all, but I guess I should be surprised he’s not making them not report him at all. The media is the same. Even that radio show I mentioned seems to have been put on hold because of him. He may not even exist. It’s hard to keep track of all the villains in this city now. All the ones who are actually a threat, anyway.

Dr. Synergy, Bound Radical, Fleshmonger, the Hypno-Terrorist, maybe Daddy Issue. We even have a realtor who deals specifically in supervillain lairs now! Toxic Assets. Whoever he is doesn’t seem to be all that much of a threat, though. Socialighter too, though she’s with Dr. Synergy last I checked.

I guess I should be glad Graphique, Silver Stiletto, and Graver are all pretty much gone. Though I haven’t seen Graver in the hospital over the past couple weeks, and it’s the same hospital. I guess I should be worried about it but I’m not. Sometimes things just get too much to be emotional about. And Discojack…Discojack completely disappeared after we put Graver in the hospital. I don’t even know what was up with him.

But I’m saying it now. It’s time to stop pussyfooting around and letting these villains roam around. I know it seems fun and all, it makes me feel like I’m living in a comic book to have all these villains with the potential for regular battles with. But it’s dangerous as shit. If I couldn’t heal myself up, Dr. Synergy would’ve killed me in our last encounter. Possibly left some more serious scars in the others.

All these fodder heroes around Spotlight City need to stop doing what they’re doing unless they have actual powers of some use. I know it seems like you’re helping, but it would be a totally not cool thing if you died while doing this.

As for Moonshine and I…our first task is Dr. fucking Synergy. He’s the most direct threat to me. We’re gonna go after him in the next couple days.

I haven’t been tweeting. Sorry about that. I just don’t feel like it much these days. I’ll try and do it more if I can.


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