The Long Leap Week

God. That was a busy week. Moonshine are back at headquarters now. Been almost a week since we’ve been here. That doesn’t seem very long but if you’d gone through what I went through this week, it would feel like a year or more. I lost my phone in the fight with Socialighter that I’m gonna get to in a bit, so I couldn’t do Twitter or anything. That’s why it’s seemed like I dropped out of existence.

So let’s start with Saturday. Going to find Graver and Socialighter. We met up with Graphique, Silver Stiletto, and Discojack early in the morning and went out on the town in our civvies(though with the police pretty much out in spades looking for all of us and they’d seen Graphique and the others with no masks on, we had to duck behind things every time a police car went by). After what must’ve been several hours of walking, all of which I’m still sore from and which we only did because we had to avoid revealing ourselves to be Solar Girl and Moonshine, we found Graver and Socialighter in an old abandoned warehouse, because where else would such a standoff take place?

Socialighter had Graver tied up to a chair next to a gas can, and half-unconscious, which I figured was shock from all the torture she’d put him through. His tattered clothes were even more tattered and burned now and where his exposed skin was once pale white, it was now wet and dark red and black. She went berserk on us pretty much the moment she noticed us and we figured we might be able to take her down easily, but we were wrong. It took all four of us to get her down while Discojack went and got Graver out of the chair.

She was raging too much to talk to us, so Discojack pulled out another one of his weirdo powers, put his hand over her head, and in a few minutes she was just as calm as he was. The first thing she asked was what he’d done to her and why she didn’t feel anything anymore. He threatened to do it again and she got to the point. I asked her what had happened and she said she had overtaken Graver once they got out of the nightclub and dragged him to the warehouse we found them in.

Then she felt free to straight-up torture him with her favorite lighter, presumably the one she took her name from. She burned him in a bunch of places, which makes sense as part of a revenge scheme against the man who framed her and her friends for burning down a building and killing my freaking parents. (And other people too. But mainly my parents.)

I empathize with her. I wanted to do that to him too, and I could do it even better, since I don’t even need a lighter to burn him. But the difference was, I held back. Socialighter didn’t and she died because of it.

Because, y’see, once we got done talking to Socialighter about what had happened, the calming effect of whatever Discojack had done to her wore off and she went animalistic again. We weren’t expecting it at all, so she got free. Before we could get back to her, she picked up the gas can. I saw what was coming and shot a burst of fire at it. It pretty much exploded all over her and the floor.

The rest of us got out of there before it started smelling like burning flesh.

I never wanted to do it. I still wish I could change what happened. But it was in self-defense. It had to be done or she’d keep coming. Right? That wasn’t me not able to hold back, right?

Times like this, I wish I liked alcohol so I could get drunk off Moonshine’s stash and forget what happened.

Ugh. So anyway. After we got Graver out of there, we took him by a park and left him there. As the rest of us headed back to the subway tunnels, Moonshine ducked into a phone booth and called an ambulance because she was the only one who didn’t have enough of a grudge against him to not want to call an ambulance for him, or who knew how to work a pay phone. (Discojack, apparently, is not updated on technology that’s existed for as long as phone booths have.)

After she rang up medical help, she met back up with us in the tunnels. We stayed there for a while, trying to figure out what to do next. Moonshine and I ended up just figuring we had to turn Graphique and Silver Stiletto back in and hope it got us off the hook again.

We didn’t tell them that, though, because come on, that’s not exactly the kind of thing you want to tell a girl you have a burgeoning kismesis with and the friend of a girl you have a burgeoning kismesis with. Especially since I’d just…ugh. You know. Dealt with a friend of theirs and saved someone none of us wanted alive.

So Sunday rolled around and we left Graphique and Silver Stiletto in the tunnels for a while, saying we were gonna bring back food, since none of us had eaten in a while. We went by a phone booth and rang up the police to give them an anonymous tip about the location of wanted escapees Chloe O’Hanlon and Selena Bonacetti.

We didn’t go back to the tunnels. Discojack had disappeared over the course of Saturday night, so we weren’t particularly worried about what would happen to him, but we did and still do want to find him. He’s another super, with a seemingly unlimited range of powers, and that makes him useful to us.

After we rang up the police, we went to eat. Taco Bell, my favorite. That’s not really relevant. While we were there, we drew up a plan to get back to drug ring investigations, but before we went anywhere, Moonshine did a very unlike-her thing. She opened up to me.

She told me that she didn’t really want to, but she was going to do it because she might not get another chance. Then she told me some things I’d never heard about her emotions and her feelings about her father and mother, none of which I’m repeating here. I’ve probably embarassed her enough already just saying she opened up to me.

Near the end of the conversation, she told me she wanted to go visit her mom, under hospital care after the disappearance of her only other care-providers. So…we went by there. I left her alone with her mom at her request, and she was in there for hours. I was asleep by the time she came back out.

When she came out, she was smiling. It was a sad smile, her eyes wet and swollen, but it was a lingering smile too. She hugged me. She’s never hugged me before. Then she took a deep breath and wiped away the tears and the smile and went back to being Moonshine.

We went by the drug tunnels after that, but I couldn’t concentrate properly because I was still thinking over the hospital thing. We hesitated at the door. I hesitated. I wasn’t sure I wanted to do it. It’s dangerous stuff and we’d already almost died enough times. But Moonshine was there for me. She was there for me. She gave me a punch to the arm and led the way inside.

We met back up with the guy who’d given us the drugs however long ago that was. We had a conversation about how they were and how we were back to buy more and things like that, before locking up the door to his office and bringing out a can of Extra Strength Whoop-Ass on him to convince him to talk to us about who really ran the operation. All he talked about was himself and how he was in charge of the operation.

He started laughing midway through the conversation, and then he started mocking us. He slapped a button on the desk and some guards came in and straight-up chloroformed us. I didn’t even know that was possible in reality.

We woke up handcuffed together in this grey room. Not all of it was grey, mind you – some if it was dark red. We’d spent the rest of Sunday and most of Monday unconscious in that room. When we woke up, he was waiting for us. He told us we could call him Crook, which I have to entirely support. He’d taken our wristbands off. Second time in as many weeks that’s happened to me. I don’t look forward to it happening again.

After about three hours of pointlessly circling conversation, we heard what can only be described as a ruckus outside and Crook left to find out what it was. Turns out, it was a police raid. The ruckus died down a bit later and Moonshine and I were left there in silence. So apparently, it wasn’t a rescue raid. Okay. Cool.

We rescued ourselves. Without the watch of Crook, Moonshine was able to get to her special utility belt or whatever it is and get out a vibrating knife. It felt like a vibrating knife, anyway; it was actually just an electric knife, basically a miniature power saw. She cut through the ropes in a snap and we got our wristbands back and got out of there.

We went by the police station soon thereafter, in our super outfits. We just pranced right into the Barracuda’s office and gave this whole speech about how we were responsible and how we had more physical power than she did and how we needed to be brought into the loop and this and that and especially how we were only responsible for helping the Trinity escape once, and how we weren’t even responsible for it that time. Discojack was.

She dropped her ruthless demeanor after we did, telling us to keep what she was about to say a secret. Secrecy means not saying it on here, so I won’t. I’d be better off not talking about this at all, but whatever, man. It got O’Hanlon disbanded. Who cares if it gets the Barracuda disbanded?

On Tuesday, we went by the Seven Sins Lounge to talk to a man called Fleshmonger, who we now know is the brains of the drug operation. Let me just tell you, the man is like a mix between a jive-talking 70s stereotype, a modern day pimp, and a Jersey Shore douche. I’m not really sure what is entirely up with him, I just know someone must’ve dropped him on the head more than once when he was a kid.

When we got in to see him, he was listening to some Plastic Mode and wearing this three-piece purple suit with black stripes on, but his pants were bell-bottoms and the collar of his pink-button up was all flared like you see in 70s movies. Around his neck was a red feather boa and he walked with a sapphire-topped golden cane, which was at least justified because he walked with a limp in his left leg. All the bare skin I could see was orange with fake tanning and his hair was all spiky and gelled.

And if that wasn’t enough to make me want to punch him in his douchey face, he has this high voice that always sounds like it’s trying to be cool and detached and ironic about everything it says, and everything it says is things like “Yo, what’s the skinny, dawg?” or “I’m down wit’ dat” and he kept calling Moonshine and I “those foxy bunnies”, which are two completely different animals.


Oh! And lest we forget, guess who was there with him? Doctor fucking Synergy! They were surrounded by some girls who were probably a group of Fleshmonger’s secret prostitutes, and who he was apparently offering to Synergy. I found out earlier tonight because of his blog that he and this Flehsmonger douche were friends now. Fleshmonger found out about Dr. Synergy’s whole subway lab through the hole Moonshine blew in the side of it and they’d teamed up for…some reason. Apparently to go after me? Real nice job of that, by the way, guys!

Oh, Dr. Synergy also said Moonshine and I went there with some “little costumed friends he’d never seen before”, but that’s completely untrue. I can only assume he was referring to people like Graphique, Silver Stiletto, and Graver, but Moonshine and I went there alone.

Synergy tackled Moonshine almost immediately and I went at him from behind to pull him back. Then Fleshmonger banged his cane on the ground and was like “Chillax, dawgs, and tell daddy why you gotta be such a collective drag, man.” Uggggh. Every time he opened his mouth, I wanted to punch him in it. And other places.

We had a little discussion about how he was in charge of trafficking the fog and he was like “Gag me with a spoon, you dawgs is wit’ da fuzz, aintcha? Lemme just dish that I ain’t never heard of the fog ’fore now, so you foxy bunnies can just hightail it on out of here”. Total lie, by the way. But we left anyway. Mainly to avoid dealing with Dr. Synergy. We didn’t avoid it for long.

Later that night, yesterday basically, Moonshine and I were still out on the town, on patrol now that the Barracuda had gotten us off the hook. And Dr. Synergy came right up along and knocked Moonshine out before I even knew he was there with a syringe to the neck and almost did the same to me, but I’d heard her body falling and turned right around to see him. He tackled me to the ground, and I saw that he’d added a painted-on smile to his surgical mask.

Weirdo. Why am I surrounded by all these weirdos all the time?

I tried to burn his hands or fly up or something to get out from under him, but he pulled out another syringe and jabbed me in the neck with it. I blacked out pretty much right there, half a minute or so later.

I woke up in his lab again, still with “You Are My Sunshine” playing in the background. By the time I woke up, it was Wednesday morning. He asked me how my wristbands worked because he was trying to clone them. I didn’t answer him, but Moonshine came barging through the hole in the wall (which he still hasn’t fixed) and rescued me again. If this happens again, I’m just gonna punch his lights out right then and there. Seriously.

We came back here and slept for a while. I woke up and started writing this, finally. I dunno what we’re gonna do next. I’m just gonna post this and get more sleep. Later, losers.


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