Sinful Trinity #2

So! Now it’s time to talk about what went down Wednesday, with the new police commissioner, Graciela Butera. She’d been a squad leader of some high stature or other and was a very ruthless detective, which earned her the nickname of “the Barracuda”, right along with her scary face. Her ruthlessness, though, sometimes got a little intense – and a little reckless, which is why she was passed up so often for the spot of commissioner. So it went to Michael O’Hanlon instead of her.

I guess she saw an opportunity to stage a coup when the SCPD heard O’Hanlon had been withholding information. I didn’t even know that kind of thing was possible, but I guess it is in a place like Spotlight City.

By Wednesday, she’d gotten settled in enough to meet with us, so Moonshine and I went in like we said we were going to. We brought all the evidence we’d collected from the whole subway thing to give to her and she basically took it and said “Stay out of our way and we’ll stay out of yours. Don’t mess with this case anymore.”

Moonshine and I were like “Well fine then.” But we’re not staying off it, even if Butera gave the impression as she shoved us out the door that she wasn’t going to tell us what kind of stuff the evidence turned up, if anything at all.

As we went back out on patrol, planning on going back down to the subway tunnels for more evidence-gathering, we heard a bunch of sirens and went back to the station to see what was up. Turns out, guess what? The Trinity found a way to escape, again. Once again, it wasn’t our fault, but once again, the police figured we were. The Barracuda sent patrols after us and the Trinity, so we basically had to run and hide inside the tunnels while looking for the three girls.

We ended up falling asleep in there. We didn’t find the Trinity until yesterday. Friday. When we woke up Thursday, around 2 o’clock, Moonshine told me she’d decided she was finally starting to get worried about her dad, so she would probably be taking off to look for him in her civvies. Meanwhile, I had an appointment to keep – and you already know how well (or not) that went.

I dunno how Moonshine got from looking to her dad to finding me, really. But somehow she did, and I still have my hands because of it. I can still type these blogs because of it.

By the time Friday rolled around, we were still being chased after by the police, and presumably, the Trinity was too. Moonshine and I holed up in our headquarters Thursday night and headed out to patrol for the Trinity first thing Friday morning.

We didn’t find much, until our scanners picked up a fight at a nightclub downtown, a fancy but viceful little place called Seven Sins Lounge. It was a report to all cops about a call they’d received about a fight between a group of three girls and this goth-raver guy.

We headed out pretty much immediately, trying to get there before the cops did. It turned out to be the Trinity like it sounded, Graphique, Silver Stiletto, and Socialighter going up against a guy in bright neon colours and stuff. You might know what a goth raver looks like. You can just Google it if you don’t.

I say it was all three going up against him but it was really more like the guy and Socialighter fighting each other and the other two unconscious with everybody else there. I found out later that they were unconscious because of some record the new guy had the DJ there at Seven Sins play because apparently they’re old buddies and wanted to collaborate or something. I’ll get to it later.

So the new guy’s villain name is Graver, as I found out during the fight. We got there and they were busy arguing about something we missed the beginning of and didn’t understand much of. But we pretty much tried to get the two away from each other, which sort of worked – right up until the DJ played the record again. Moonshine and I blacked out.

When we woke up, Graver and Socialighter was gone and the place had cops everywhere. They took us all in, since we were all pretty much wanted criminals now and all. They took the DJ in too. I found out later his name is Discojack, which I guess is all in all appropriate. They put us all in the same cell, which seems like a bad idea if they wanted us to not escape again – which, by the way, we did.

Once we got all settled in, I started trying to get information out of Graphique but she just wanted to take the opportunity to deal me a few punches to pay for the punches I’d dealt her. Moonshine and Silver Stiletto pulled us apart and tried to calm us down or whatever. After a few minutes of talking down, Silver Stiletto managed to get Graphique off me long enough to tell me what had happened at Seven Sins.

They were holing up at Seven Sins since they escaped. Silver Stiletto didn’t say why, but she said “Hughes is a nice man. He took us in when no one else would. He said the Lounge would protect us”. Graver was a guy from the Trinity’s past, but not just that – he was the man who had framed them burning down the Spotlight City Convention Center a year ago.

He was the man who had killed my parents.

So that made me basically want to punch his face in. Silver Stiletto went on to say that he and Socialighter had been planning the fire together but somewhere along the line, she learned that Graver had betrayed her and was planning to frame her and her two friends – who became Graphique and Silver Stiletto – so she tried to convince the other two of it, revealing to her that she and Graver had been planning to burn the whole place down in the first place.

Neither of them believed her, of course. She’s annoying and even then kept trying to pull pranks on them all the time, so they figured it was just another prank – until the day of the convention, when the whole place caught fire. In a panic, they knew she had been telling the truth and ran. After a while, the police found evidence that the three had caused the fire but other evidence that the three had died in it, so they never looked for them.

The three decided to leave their old lives behind and take on masks and new names and tried to survive by engaging in a bunch of small crimes, just big enough to be able to eat and have warm places to stay most of the time.

I asked how they came to be stealing art, but that’s when Silver Stiletto got all nervous and shut up. Graphique was too angry at me to talk.

So I turned to the DJ. He’s a strange man, dressed in light blues and with the bluest eyes I’ve ever seen. He was all calm through everything I’d seen him do so far, including our conversation. He told me his name was Discojack and that he, Graver, and Socialighter had been old friends since childhood, and when Discojack saw Socialighter was still alive and well at Seven Sins – a total coincidence – he gave Graver a call and brought him in.

Apparently, Discojack makes those weird music drugs I’ve heard about and mixed one up that knocks people out, deciding to play it when Graver arrived to take care of what he’d started and kill Socialighter and, preferably, the other two. Something went wrong and Socialighter didn’t get knocked out, though. Discojack doesn’t know why.

So Graver and Socialighter went at it, until we arrived. Discojack played the knockout mix again and Graver took Socialighter and skedaddled. The cops arrived and took us all into custody. Why did Discojack stay behind? I have no idea. He didn’t say why.

Once we got done with that, I sat back and processed it all. The first thing my mind went to was getting to Graver and beating the sense out of him. On that, Graphique and I could agree, because she and Silver Stiletto wanted to take Graver down for taking them down just as much as I did.

So we tried to formulate a plan to escape and go after Graver. Nobody was in it to rescue Socialighter. The police had taken my wristbands and Moonshine’s wristbands, so neither of us had powers. They’d taken our costumes too, including Graphique’s and Silver Stiletto’s. But Discojack, he is something really strange and he made it very easy for us to escape; all he had to do was wave a hand over the lock and it straight-up unlocked. He must have some kind of powers of his own.

So we quietly left the cell. There were still no guards on duty. We made our way to the property locker and took back all our stuff, then made our way out.

We spent the rest of the night looking for Graver and Socialighter. We still haven’t found them. We split up, Graphique and Silver Stiletto going into the tunnels and Moonshine and I going home so we could settle down, regroup, and go to sleep. After a couple hours of searching our computer systems, Moonshine just went to sleep and I started writing about everything. Taken me this long!

After I’m done with this, I’m just gonna go to sleep too. Tomorrow, we meet back up with Graphique and Silver Stiletto and go back on the lookout for Graver and Socialighter and try to avoid the police. Dunno what Dr. Synergy’s up to but I hope it’s something karmic and painful.


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