Sinful Trinity #1

So. Been a while. I’ve been a bit busy the past couple days. Where to start? I’m gonna do this in several parts and they’re each gonna be about one day of the past several. I’m gonna start with what happened with my meeting with “Dr. Energy-Saver” today, who, as you may have surmised by my Twitter, is not a hero at all! Just like I was expecting. Honest. Would I lie to you?

So he showed up like he said he was going to, I guess, and so did I. Moonshine refused to come along on some silly thing like this, especially when he’d been making no reference to her at all. Instead, she decided to take today to go out and look for her father while I was meeting with “Dr. Energy-Saver”, because even she was starting to get worried about having not seen him in ten days. God, has it only been ten days?

It was still light out by 4 when I got to the Osiris Multiplex, which is this huge theater themed like Ancient Egypt in town. I don’t know why they themed a theater after Ancient Egypt. It’s even shaped like a bunch of pyramids, with each screen in an individual pyramid. It’s pretty unique, I guess.

I went in my Solar Girl outfit so he’d be able to find me, and I’d brought along some gadgets I borrowed from Moonshine to help defend myself more than just fire and flying, even though the sun made me stronger than if we’d met at night.

He was late. He didn’t come by until 4:25ish. Maybe a couple minutes earlier than that. He was dressed like I’d imagine a surgeon would, with those light blue scrubs and a lab coat and the whole mask and cap thing, except he was wearing shaded goggles – black welding goggles, not steampunk goggles like Graphique’s – and black combat boots. I got a definite initial Dr. Horrible vibe from him, which I have to say, has only gotten worse the more time I’ve spent with him.

Ugh, just thinking about having spent time with him gives me the creeps. He’s all over the place with his themes and it seems like he hasn’t really figured out who he is as a supervillain yet, so I figure he’s as new as his silly “Dr. Energy-Saver” trap was.

On the one hand, he was really really bubbly and happy like he was on Twitter throughout our conversation, right up until he took out a syringe and tranquilized me outside the theater. When I woke up, y’know how he was acting? Still really bubbly, even once he started doing…well, let’s just say “things”. I’m probably not gonna get into most of what actually happened. I can barely think about what happened without wanting to throw up.

Our conversation went over who exactly he was supposed to be (“I’m Dr. Energy-Saver!”) and what exactly he was supposed to do (“I give YOU tips on how to save energy!”), but he only kept saying the same things he said online. But with every line he shot at me (and every mental image of that stupid smiley face emote he keeps using online), he moved a step closer to me and I moved a step away from him.

I tried to go over where we’d met before with him. He said it was a long time ago and that he was a very different man back then. I asked him what kind of man and he said it didn’t matter because he was just a ghost of that man now. While he’d used the bubbly tone for almost all of his lines up to that point, he switched it out for the elliptical tone I also saw him using on Twitter. Then, in the very same breath, he went back to the bubbly personality to talk about how I probably wouldn’t remember it, even if he told me about it.

Then a freaking car accident, of all things, distracted me long enough for him to stick that stupid syringe in my neck. About a minute of increasingly faint punches and weak attempts at defense later, I was totally out of it.

I later found out that the car accident had actually been caused by, in essence, the second escape of the Trinity from central lockup, in a roundabout sort of way. But I’ll get to that later.

By the time I woke up, it was dark out. I only found that out later, because it was dark in too, in what I later found out was his own personal mad science lab. If you’ve seen his blog yet (because super blogging is the new “in” thing in Spotlight City, apparently), you can probably guess what he called his laboratory. The Laboratory Of Sin! Specifically, Dr. Synergy’s Laboratory Of Sins! I don’t actually know if “sin” was pluralized on the celebratory banner he’d hung over the door or not, but screw being nice and grammatically-correct for the guy who tried to kill me.

The first thing I technically noticed was the music. It was a song I normally liked quite a lot and, in context, was about the most appropriate thing he could’ve chosen to play: “You Are My Sunshine”, the twangy Johnny Cash version on a loop. I don’t think I’ll ever like that song again.

I started looking around the absolutely original and totally surprising (that’s sarcasm) room, and as I did, I happened to also notice –  in addition to the celebratory inauguration banner, the posters of spiders and skulls on the empty white tile walls, and the clearly fake “PhD in Horribleness” on what little wall space wasn’t covered by cabinets or posters – that he’d taken the gadgets I had borrowed from Moonshine and strapped me down to the table. He’d taken my mask off too.

I know, I know. I walked right into it, right? Well, I thought I had been prepared. I thought I was genre savvy enough to expect a mad scientist to be under the guise of an ecofreak. I’ve seen enough shit to expect that kind of thing.

But even the best preparations can go really far out of hand when something sudden happens. “‘Twas a car crash what did me in!” she cried. I think that’s a quote. I don’t know what from if it is. If the car crash hadn’t happened, he wouldn’t have been able to get to me. Then again, he wouldn’t have been able to get to me at all if I had never gone.

He ended up seeing my face so it’s a good thing I don’t have a Facebook. I might be an internet addiction, but I am ALSO A SUPERHERO! And it would be kind of dumb to put my face out that much, just in case someone can match the bottom half of my face to my profile pic or, y’know, kidnap me and take my mask off. So he shouldn’t be able to really identify me from just a face, but he does keep saying he’s seen me before, so I’m really worried he’ll be able to pin me down. Damn.

A mirror above me reflected myself between windows that showed me what looked like one of those operating theater things, but I could see nobody in it. I guess that wasn’t surprising. It hasn’t been long enough for him to gather a villainous posse.

There was also a pretty old camera on a stand near the operating table, pointed right at me. It even had a little blinking red light on it. I didn’t know they made them like that anymore.

Of course, I could’ve broken out of these at any time because of my whole fire thing. Or so you’d think. So I thought too – but he’d managed to get the wristbands off. I had thought they wouldn’t come off unless I took them off, but I guess that goes to prove me wrong. Without the wristbands, I’m powerless, so I couldn’t escape.

The good ol’ doctor was there too, scrubbing in or whatever they call it. Over the running water, I could hear him singing along to the song. in a kind of distant monotone, like his mind wasn’t all there but his mouth was still going through the motions. Then he turned back to me and snapped a pair of latex gloves over his hands.

The first thing he said was how much fun we were going to have tonight, in that same wavering distant voice, but with a bubbling giggle tainting the words. The second thing got right to the point: how to make my wristbands work. We went through this whole thing where I kept trying to dodge his questions and ask him things of my own – where I’d seen him before and why he was obsessed with me, mainly – but he kept going into elliptical tones where he was just like “No…no, that won’t do” and his voice got all distant and sad before going back to being bubbly and happy and threatening me into talking with his array of pet spiders.

Eventually, I just said that they only worked when I was wearing them, which as far as I knew, was completely true. For some reason, he took that as meaning “as long as they were touching my wrists” and went right about pulling out a buzzsaw (one I was expecting to be covered in blood when I first heard it, but was oddly disappointed when it wasn’t) and tried to cut my freaking hands off.

It was about then that Moonshine pulled a classical Big Damn Heroes moment and blew a hole clean through the wall of the operating room with some kind of gadget she later called something with lots of big words I can’t remember. I just call it the Wall-Hole-Blower. That sounds cool, right?

So she rescued me. Blew a hole in the wall, shot a grappling hook straight into Synergy’s chest, and cut me out of the restraints. I got the wristbands on the way out, at which point I found out two things: the lab was apparently built in some old abandoned subway tunnels, the same kind Moonshine and I had been in several days before; and secondly, Moonshine wasn’t behind me. By the time I realised that, I was already halfway down the tunnel.

I lit up my hands for light and turned back to look for her, but she came running out of the darkness moments later. She told me to run after her and I did. We ran all the way out of that place and were back up on the dark streets before I asked her how she found me. She said she had tracked the wristbands, because apparently, her computer has a tracking device set to the wristbands’ frequency or some handy-ass deus ex machina like that.

I guess I was a bit melodramatic on Twitter when I said Moonshine and I almost died. But my mind was still a bit shocked from some of the other things Synergy did, which I didn’t mention here and probably won’t ever mention. It just gives me the creeps. Ugh.

We thought about tracking down the Trinity that night but ended up just going home and sleeping some more needed sleep. I found out that the Trinity caused the car crash earlier today.

I’ve also come to find out that Dr. Synergy has fully embraced his whole villainous persona online, erasing most of the trace of Dr. Energy-Saver to replace his Twitter and blog with Dr. Synergy’s Laboratory Of Sins. Or Sin or whatever. I don’t really care.He keeps making more weirdo comments on Twitter and I keep meaning to see if I can block him but I never get around to it.

If you’re interested, this is his blog. It might be important to figuring out who he is and what his plans are or whatever. You might be interested in following his Twitter too, @DoctorSynergy. I wish I could block him, but it’ll probably be important to see what he’s up to.

Gonna write up what happened today and Wednesday after I post this. Then I’m gonna go to sleep.


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