Twitter Transcript

Nothing much happened on patrol, strangely. It seemed so boring compared to the last few days. We went by the police station but they’re still trying to get things settled. I set up a meeting for Wednesday with them and I guess Moonshine and I are going to go over everything with the new Commissioner Butera.

I haven’t seen O’Hanlon. I don’t even know where he lives. I don’t think he’d want to see me right now, though. But that’s me for you. I’m good with beating up both bad guys and my friends’ hearts and emotions. Fantastic.

Moonshine disappeared into her room as soon as we got home again. She barely spoke at all during the patrol. I kept making euphemistic comments about Darren McGavin and Vladimir Nabokov but she just kept glaring at me. I know she just wants to be alone to cry about her mom. But she knows I need her and I don’t want to be alone, so she’s forcing herself to be with me on patrol. Then when we get home she goes and gets drunk again. She’s gotta be running out of Smirnoff by now, surely.

In other news, I did a transcript of the conversation I had with @DocEnergySaver. It’s sort of in IRC format because I didn’t want to take the time to transfer it to whatever format Twitter uses.

<DocEnergySaver> I just found out my inspiration, @SolarGirl2012, has a Twitter! Hi @SolarGirl2012!

<SolarGirl2012> @DocEnergySaver wtf who are you?

<DocEnergySaver> She tweeted me!!

<DocEnergySaver> Hi @SolarGirl2012! I’m Dr. Energy-Saver! Giving YOU tips on saving energy, with solar power! You’re my inspiration for starting this!

<SolarGirl2012> @DocEnergySaver uhh ok whatever. i’m kinda busy right now, can we talk tmrw?

<SolarGirl2012> dunno who this energy-saver guy is. if everything blows over by tmrw, i might find out more about him.

<DocEnergySaver> @SolarGirl2012 Of course! I’m always free to talk, any time of the day or night – except when it uses nonsolar energy!! ; )

<DocEnergySaver> @SolarGirl2012 Hey hey! So sorry to hear about all those bad things! Hope your friend’s mom gets better!! It would be awful if she died!!

<SolarGirl2012> @DocEnergySaver yea it would. thanks. that reminds me, we were gonna talk today. so you’re some kinda fake superhero?

<DocEnergySaver> @SolarGirl2012 I am! I absorb solar energy during the day and then use it at night! Saves energy!! And YOU inspired me to get into this!

<SolarGirl2012> @DocEnergySaver yea ok cool. so you say you give people tips but i haven’t seen any yet. how come?

<DocEnergySaver> @SolarGirl2012 Well I just started doing this, so I haven’t really had time yet! : )

<SolarGirl2012> @DocEnergySaver do you always use exclamation things?

<DocEnergySaver> @SolarGirl2012 I do do do! It’s because I’m really happy all the time! Is there a reason I shouldn’t be?!

<DocEnergySaver> Come on come on come on…

<SolarGirl2012> @DocEnergySaver dunno. its just weird for me right now. so are you like obsessed with me or somethin?

<DocEnergySaver> There we go…

<DocEnergySaver> @SolarGirl2012 I wouldn’t say “obsessed”! YOU just inspired me is all! And I hate to see any pretty girl hurting!

<SolarGirl2012> energy-saver’s starting to worry me.

<SolarGirl2012> @DocEnergySaver so have we met before, then?

<DocEnergySaver> Yeah…you could say that…

<DocEnergySaver> @SolarGirl2012 You could say that! Do you want to met again?!

<DocEnergySaver> Come on, SG…

<SolarGirl2012> @DocEnergySaver fine. sorry it took me so long to answer. i have a lot on my plate right now. osiris multiplex, thursday, 4pm?

<DocEnergySaver> @SolarGirl2012 Works for me! Thanks for agreeing to meet me!

<SolarGirl2012> @DocEnergySaver before we meet though i have to ask, where have we met before?

<DocEnergySaver> @SolarGirl2012 Oh, it was a long time ago! You probably don’t even remember it!

After that, I just didn’t want to bother carrying on a conversation anymore. For one thing, Twitter conversations are hella hard to keep track of. For another, he was seriously creeping me out. Just writing what he says creeps me out. I kind of regret agreeing to meet with him but I’m kind of curious to see what it’s all about. It might even give me a new bad guy to beat up.

The headquarters is so silent this early in the morning. I can hear Moonshine making noises through the walls, though. She hasn’t slept much. Neither have I. But I’m gonna get some sleep now.

Come Wednesday, I meet with the new Commissioner. Moonshine might too. The day after that, I meet with Dr. Energy-Saver! Joy!

Later, losers.


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