Fight Me

I got back to headquarters a couple hours ago. I don’t feel well, but I feel obligated to keep writing about this stuff. This entry might not sound very good or be very coherent.

Moonshine and I spent most of the day patrolling. She woke me up earlier than I would’ve liked so I could get out with her before the sun went down. She tells me she doesn’t want me to worry about trying to find her dad, that he’ll come back when he’s ready to come back. So I guess that takes that off my plate?

We went by the tenement block where the shootout happened last night first thing. We found mostly wandering squatters in it, which we expected. I figure it was just a place the Trinity was hiding out to get a fix, maybe it’s where they live full-time. I dunno.
After that, we went back into the old subway tunnels from a couple weeks ago. The ones where we almost died because we couldn’t fly out of there. We ended up stumbling into a hideout an hour and a half or so later that turned out to be one of the main centers of fog trading.

There was a bunch of people there, most of them shady and half out of it with the fog, but lots more seemed to be clear-headed guards. We went in in our civvies, but we had our costumes in some backpacks. It’s not like we wanted to walk in saying “Hey, we’re superheroes. Come at me, bro!”

Oh, and Moonshine and I both had contact lenses with microcameras in them and microphones hidden in our backpacks, so we could record everything that went on.

One of the guards came up to us and asked what we were doing there and we said we heard about the fog and were interested in getting some of it from the source. The guard grunted out a few more words neither of us could understand into a shoulder radio got back a few more grunts that I guess he understood. He asked for our IDs. We gave him our default fake IDs, which he accepted and turned to lead us through the hideout.

We were led to a darkish room off the main room where we met with a representative of whoever was really in charge of everything. This guy, he was in a suit behind a desk and everything, and the guard left us alone with him.

It was like a job interview, if the job description included throwing our lives and minds away with a new kind of drug. He asked us things like where we heard about the fog and we lied our way through it. We asked him about the Trinity and if he’d sold anything to them ever. He claimed he’d sold to so many people that remembering who was who was like a needle in a needle stack on a day where there’s particularly strong wind and it blows the stack over and then you get stabbed by a bunch of needles and you bleed out and you die.

At the end, he told he we had to pay if we wanted to try out the fog. We had enough on us to buy his little trial-period stuff, which we figured we could take with the recordings we got to the cops.

Turns out, the fog is a powder thing that you add water to and turn into a gas with these fog hydrolyzers (which isn’t what hydrolyzers are supposed to do, last time I checked).

So anyway, we took the stuff we got and the hydrolyzers this representative guy gave us and left. We changed back into our super outfits in another old abandoned subway tunnel and headed out for the police station.

We got there just in time to see Commissioner O’Hanlon being temporarily…ah, I can’t think of the word. Disbarred? For obstruction of the pursuit of justice, by withholding information about the Trinity that could’ve helped their investigation (although they already had the three in custody, so whatever). It’s partially my fault for writing about it in my blog in the first place. Apparently, the entire police department of Spotlight City reads this now.

So that was pretty bad, but it’s safe to tell you guys the Trinity’s names now, since he came clean and pretty much everyone else knows too. They’re all models and I know two of three of them. Socialighter is actually a blonde (like me) named Hannah Conrad, Silver Stiletto is actually the more well-known Selena Bonacetti, and Graphique was the Commissioner’s own blood. She was his daughter, Chloe O’Hanlon.

But wait! That’s not all!

Not only is Graphique directly connected to the Commissioner. but you know how I said the bottom half of Silver Stiletto’s face was naggingly familiar to me? Yeah, that’s because all three of them had my dad as their agent.

And, if you call within the next 20 minutes, we’ll double your twist! All three of them were blamed for starting the fire that killed my parents and the rest of the people at that convention – and, up until their “unmasking”, was thought to have killed them too. That was why nobody else recognised Graphique after her mask came off. The Commissioner never talked about her much and barely anyone around the station had seen actual pictures of her that had been connected to a name.

We still don’t know why exactly they were stealing art. And now we’ve got a bunch of other questions tacked on. Like how did they survive the fire and did they cause it to begin with?

This is mostly why I feel terrible now, by the way. Especially since it’s pretty much exactly a year after it happened.

Ugh. So after O’Hanlon was temporarily decommissioned (yes! that’s the one!), they brought in the new commissioner: Commissioner Graciela Butera, a walking modern cliche. Moonshine and I were going to bring in our drug case evidence and whatnot but given the chaos they were going through of reigning a new commissioner in, we decided to wait until things around there settled down a bit.

So we spent the rest of the evening patrolling. I kept trying to talk to Moonshine about her dad, but she always changed the subject back to Kolchak: The Night Stalker. She loves that old thing but it clashes so much with everything else she loves that she only talks about it when she’s trying to avoid talking about a thing she really doesn’t want to talk about.

We got home pretty late, which I hated. I’m so exhausted and by the time we got home, I was so starving that I’m pretty sure I was starting to be delusional. Moonshine has it worse, though. Last night was the first night of the new moon, which is just gonna make her more depressed. She disappeared into her room when we got home and I’m pretty sure she broke into her own old vodka stash.

Me, I kept trying to start writing several times but I just kept hitting blocks. I did have a weird conversation with @DocEnergySaver on Twitter, though. You might’ve seen that by now.

I can probably put up a transcript of it later, but not now. I just woke up temporarily and I had a dream that I can’t really remember but I know it removed most of the blocks I was having in trying to write this.

Point is, I dunno who he is but I get really creepy vibes from him. He seems moderately obsessed with me and we may or may not have met before, but we’re definitely gonna meet again. I wasn’t feeling too well so I ended up just agreeing to meeting him sometime and we agreed on Thursday at 4pm. This coming Thursday, obviously. So that’s a thing now.

I probably forgot some stuff, but I’m just gonna go on and post this and go back to sleep.


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