New Moon Rising? #4

So we got back into the city alright. We were able to avoid the gangs who are gunning for us long enough to catch the police’s attention and lead them right back to the gangs. Suffice to say, a confrontation occurred, in the form of a shootout between the two. Moonshine and I just kinda ducked behind the gangs’ lines to search for the Trinity while they were distracted.

We found them in an abandoned tenement block not far from the shootout. Their minds seemed to be pretty much gone at the time, but they had “fog hydrolyzers” close by, which is apparently how fog addicts get a fix. So they were pretty easy to subdue, seeing as they barely reacted to the fact that we were there.

We carried them out past the shootout to the police and had to go back for Socialighter. Dealing with a three-person team when you’ve only got two people on your side is kind of hard.

The police sent one of their cars with the three back to the station and let us stay to help with the shootout. With the police on our side, fighting them was a lot easier and we were able to pretty much take them all in. Maybe we’ll find headway on this drug trafficking ring thing with so many of their possible guys in custody now.

When we got back to the police station, I had a one-on-one with the up-all-night Commissioner O’Hanlon to ask if he knew the Trinity’s identities. He was flighty – again – about them but told me that he did know their names. Even if he hadn’t known Silver Stiletto or Socialighter(assuming anyone does know Socialighter), he definitely knew Graphique. How could he not?

But O’Hanlon knows full well about my blog, and knew full well I was going to post about this, so he made me promise not to post their names on here until he was ready. Not even Socialighter’s, though judging from her name, she can’t really be connected to anything. Even saying that he knows their names is probably going to get him in trouble, but the only thing I promised was to not give their names out.

Sorry, Commissioner. Sometimes, having a blog makes keeping secrets hard.

After my talk with him, he cleared my name, and Moonshine’s too. He realized it was silly to think we helped them escape, because it damn well is. We’re the ones who put helped subdue them to put them away in the first place. Well, I am. Moonshine was off crying her eyes out and getting drunk at the time. Or sleeping. She could’ve been sleeping.

Then Moonshine and I went home. I’m gonna go to sleep in a few minutes. The sun’s rising and I know I should be awake during the daytime, but damn, I’ve been awake for going on 18 hours straight. I’m practically falling asleep as I write this.

We just got done talking about the night’s events. We discussed the interviews from earlier, before the Trinity escaped. She told me Graphique kept mentioning how she could be fired for talking to Moonshine and how she felt like she was on fire and things like that. Plus, a name…Hughes.

Moonshine had the police run it while I was talking to the Commissioner. Lots and lots and lots and lots of results for it. Gonna take some time to narrow down the connections. Given what the Commissioner told me about Graphique, it has nothing to do with anything. But there’s always a connection somewhere.

As for my dialogue with Silver Stiletto, when I mentioned the Frontiersman, Moonshine got all stiff. It reminded her of her dad, apparently, and she went and told me her dad’s gone. He up and left the night they found out about her mom.

It wouldn’t normally surprise me, since he has this thing where he disappears without telling anybody for days on end, usually up to some new genius experiment or other. But this time’s different. This time, he just learned his wife is dead and he up and disappears? This time, it worries me. It worries Moonshine too, though she’s doing a good job of not showing it, like usual.

So many plot threads, so little time. I’d say I dunno if I’ll be tying them up anytime soon but things seem to have a way of building up mystery and then suddenly anticlimaxing around this city.

Gonna go to sleep now. Dunno what Moonshine’s gonna do. She’s probably gonna go back to her penthouse and get drunk again. She hasn’t told me. We kinda stopped talking after we went over the important stuff, like the interviews we had.

Tomorrow is an important day. Tomorrow, we go over the stuff we got today with clear minds and try to process it all. That’s what I’m gonna do, at least. Maybe the police’ll have a lead for the name “Hughes” or the Commissioner will finally be ready to tell the police the Trinity’s names.

He’d better do it soon. With the girls in custody, it’s only a matter of time before they match faces to names. Especially faces like theirs.

Oh, PS: running from the cops and getting caught in another gang shootout while chasing down possible supervillains is very hard to take seriously when you’ve got that Caramelldansen song stuck in your head. I don’t even know where I got it from, I haven’t heard it in two years or so. Weird, huh?

PS2! You may have seen that Dr. Energy-Saver guy posting on my Twitter, or at least my replies to him. What’s up with him? He seems like he’s some “real life superhero” who’s taken on some ecofreak mask to teach kids about supposed environmentalism. He seems to be vaguely obsessed with me, too. Maybe he’s mistaken me for an ecofreak mask too?


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