New Moon Rising?

Not much happened today. Nothing on patrol. Nothing at home. Nothing, nothing, nothing. I went by the police station to check up on their investigations into the fog, but they said they’d never even heard of it. That means two things. Either the forensics boys aren’t doing their jobs or somebody’s paying them to not investigate it. I wonder who that could be, hmm?

Maybe I’m just paranoid. I get like that sometimes.

The other major thing that happened happened just a few minutes ago. Moonshine started to me on IRC. I know, it’s a bit outdated. But I figure, I may be an internet addict but why go with the cliche of MSN Messenger? Let’s toss a few things up in here.

Anyway. This happened:

<DeckOfCards> I heard you beat somebody up.

<GoldenGirl> oh. hey. i thought you didnt wanna talk 2 me.

<DeckOfCards> I’m not. I’m typing to you. There’s a difference.

<GoldenGirl> not rly. but yea, i did beat somebody up. i was angry at you.

<DeckOfCards> Yes, I heard that too. I didn’t know you were going to post things about me on your blog.

<GoldenGirl> wtf do you mean, i asked you if it was ok and you said yea it was.

<DeckOfCards> Well, I figured you meant the things we did under the mask. Not details of our personal lives.

<GoldenGirl> you say that like i’ve been talkin about our names and stuff. i haven’t, have i?

<GoldenGirl> well?

<DeckOfCards> No.

<GoldenGirl> then stop complainin.

<GoldenGirl> anyway, why are you even talkin to me now.

<GoldenGirl> i figured you were too busy gettin drunk off your ass 2 care.

<DeckOfCards> I read your blog.

<GoldenGirl> yea that much was clear.

<DeckOfCards> Let me finish.

<DeckOfCards> I read your blog. It made me realise that I should be there for you now, like I was for you last year.

<DeckOfCards> I haven’t taken a drink since yesterday morning.

<GoldenGirl> thats a major accomplishment now?

<DeckOfCards> No.

<DeckOfCards> But I thought it bore mentioning.

<GoldenGirl> yea barely.

<GoldenGirl> sooo what? you just think you can come back and have me not be mad at you anymore?

<GoldenGirl> i mean damn, you havent even apologized yet.

<DeckOfCards> You keep interrupting me.

<GoldenGirl> maybe if youd type faster i wouldnt.

<DeckOfCards> And end up typing like you? Thank you, no.

<DeckOfCards> Now if I apologise, you’ll just claim it was because you talked about it.

<GoldenGirl> how do you know that.

<DeckOfCards> Because I know you. And I also know that you barely want an apology.

<DeckOfCards> I know that you’re sitting there right now, just waiting for me to shut up and get back home so you can hug me and we can go back out and punch bad guys.

<GoldenGirl> thats a damn lie.

<DeckOfCards> I know that no matter how angry at me you are on the outside, you could never be this angry at me on the inside.

<DeckOfCards> And you know that too.

<DeckOfCards> So I’m not going to apologise. I’m just going to offer to, as you said, “pull myself together” and help you investigate the drug business.

<GoldenGirl> yea sure. whatever. its too late to help me with graphique, you know that right?

<DeckOfCards> I realise that.

<GoldenGirl> sure you do.

<DeckOfCards> Do you want me to come over or not?

<GoldenGirl> fine. you’d better hurry. i was just about to go to sleep when you did this.

I’m GoldenGirl and she’s DeckOfCards. Not telling you what server we’re on. I was gonna edit this so my things are easier to read, but I decided not to. So I’m sorry. I just type fast when I’m not writing a blog and that leads to shortcuts and things like this. You probably got that from my Twitter posts, though. So that’s one internet addict cliche I’m a straight case of, I guess.

So I guess she’s gonna come over. I dunno why she’s bothering. Let’s see how this turns out, shall we? She’s probably gonna still be drunk, I just know it. And if not that, then she’ll be smoking. She does that when she doesn’t want to drink but still wants to lash out at herself and do something bad.


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