Trio of Troubles

I went by the penthouse today. I know Moonshine wants to be alone and all but I need her if I want to stop Graphique and her crew. I found her in her room. She was drinking. It was her favorite, vodka, probably gotten out of her dad’s alcohol like the last several times. She drinks a lot, but it’s mostly because it helps her clear her head and think about a problem she’s having.

But this time, she was drinking, hard, in the bad way. I hate seeing her like this, but I have to admit it’s part of the reason she has the name she has.

I tried talking to her but she pretty much tried to blow me off, so I left. I didn’t want to leave, but I didn’t want to see her like that either.

I know she needs to deal with her mom and all. It took me a couple months to get myself back together. But that was when my parents died, both of them, at once. Her mom isn’t even dead yet. I think she should be able to pull herself together long enough to help her best friend take down some new bad guys in town.

I’m a bit angry, in case you couldn’t tell.

I came across Graphique again today, her and her cronies or whatever they are. I was sort of able to get the jump on them and I was angry enough to, shall we say, incapacitate the other two and get my hands on Graphique herself. I will admit I took most of my anger at Moonshine out on her. I didn’t burn her.

I was trying to get answers from her, most of which I knew she couldn’t know. She did tell me the names of the other three in her group, Silver Stiletto and Socialighter. She didn’t tell me their real names. I asked her why they were stealing art. All she said was they needed the money. I asked her about the drugs, but she got all scared and clammed up.

By that time, the police had gotten there, so I just let them take her. I got paid for it, but chided for beating Graphique up so much and giving the other two a pair of matching concussions. Oh well. At least they’re dealt with now.

Now comes the hard part: going back to that drug trafficking thing and Graphique’s connection to them, without Moonshine by my side. Or possibly with, if I can get her to pull herself together and help me. I probably won’t be able to. I dunno what I’m gonna do without her. I mean, I love her, but I need her. I really do.


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