Valentine’s Day

So. Today’s Valentine’s Day and even though I have no valentine, I still got a present. Supervillains! Sort of. They’re villainous(ish) and they have nicknames, so.

See, I’ve been staking out other art galleries since the robbery two days ago. That’s the only thing I really want to do. Even though I patrol alone during the day anyway, it’s not the same knowing that I won’t be coming home to Moonshine, or knowing that I won’t have her backup if I need it.

But whatever, the point is, there was another art theft today. This time, I was there when it happened and I was able to intercept the three girls doing it. We fought a bit and I had to let two of them get away to be able to catch who I figured was the leader, though that ended up being a bad idea.

So their leader is some redhead chick, her face was obscured by these brass goggles and she had on a bunch of dark-coloured stuff: black boots, grey tights, these dark blue minishorts, a dark purple hoodie, black fingerless gloves, and a black vest with this stylised white G logo on the back.

I started interrogating her and stuff and she said her name was Graphique. I asked her who she works for, because who can resist that cliche? She said she was working for herself. That’s when the two I’d let go caught me off-guard and pulled me away. Before I even had time to react to the punch to the head, the three were off. By the time I’d gotten around the light-headedness of the minor concussion, they were gone. I headed off too, before the police got there.

Damn. I was stupid earlier and I need more training. And I need a partner. Training’s excellent and all, but a partner is even better in a situation like that.

I only found out the one girl’s villain name. I went back out into the city to look for them and ask around for them in my civvies, but I got nothing but more reminders of Singles’ Awareness Day, as I’ve been hearing lonely people refer to it.

Not to mention it’s the anniversary of officially hearing that my parents died. That puts an even larger damper on it.

But as bad as I feel, I can only imagine how much worse Moonshine’s dad is having it. It’s Valentine’s Day and only a few days earlier, he found out his valentine is dying of an uncurable brain tumor. Happy freaking Valentine’s Day.


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