Bad Things

I’m not sure how I feel right now. So I’m going to write this as a distraction.

I guess you could say I’m sad, but I’m a whole bunch of other things I don’t really know how to describe. Not much has happened but the one big thing that happened is enough to make it feel like a whole hell of a lot has happened.

I learned a few days ago that Moonshine’s mom is dying. She just learned then too. The night we decided to really start training, the night of the full moon and everything, her mom apparently collapsed in a grocery store. Got taken to the hospital, they called Moonshine and her dad. I went with her, of course, in our civvies. We were at the hospital all night while they were trying to figure out what was wrong with her. We fell asleep there.

The next morning, her dad woke us up with this heartbroken look on his face that I will remember until the day I die.

Then he told us his wife has cancer.

It isn’t actual cancer, I guess, it’s a brain tumor. Cancer sounds more dramatic when I talk about it. It’s pretty deep in her brain and the doctors say they can’t get to it without effectively killing her. So she’s probably going to die.

Moonshine’s been crying ever since she heard, but she refuses to talk about it or cry on my shoulder. I understand why. I’ve already said she’s not one to show it when she’s hurt, and that includes emotional hurt. But I can tell she’s been crying. To be honest, I have too but I keep trying to be strong for her. She spends hours locked in her room, alone. I wish she wasn’t so prideful about pain.

She’s spent a lot of time at the hospital too. We’ve pretty much put the whole gang investigation on hold until we’re not in such an emotional mess. She has, anyway. I’m with her as much as I can but the best thing for me is patrolling, now that it’s a thing I can do.

The whole thing’s like last year, with the roles reversed. It’s really a stab in the heart that this happened more or less on the one-year anniversary of my parents’ deaths. But I guess all of this has happened before and all of this will happen again, as they say.

So whenever I’m not with Moonshine, I’m either sleeping or out on patrol and trying to investigate. I’m not getting enough sleep, though. I think I’m close to finding out who’s in charge of these drug traffickers and whatnot.

This morning, an art gallery was broken into. I didn’t get there in time to stop whoever did it. They left a drug trace behind, the same kind of new drug the traffickers have been putting around. The police call it crystal fog, or the fog. It’s related to crystal meth, but I dunno the chemicals of it. I just know it’s the same kind of drug the traffickers have been trafficking, which implies a connection.

I managed to get copies of the security tapes before the police seized them. They’re badly-maintained but I managed to see a trio of what seemed like girls breaking in and stealing the art. They don’t seem like drug traffickers, but I know the fog means there’s a connection. They could just be buyers. I dunno. I’ve been on the lookout for them the rest of the day.

Having something concrete to watch for is a pretty great distraction from the other major thing that’s happened this week.

I haven’t found them, though. I’m super tired. I’ve only had a few hours of sleep the past couple days. I wish Moonshine was here. I haven’t seen her since Friday night. She’s probably back at her penthouse with her dad. I understand that. I haven’t been by there, on the assumption she’s there, to give her space or whatever the hell.

Honestly, I don’t know what to do. I don’t know how to investigate things at all. Moonshine was good at that. I’m good at being geeky, writing, and beating stuff up. I wish she was here. I wish her mom wasn’t dying.

I wish my parents never died.


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