Drugs And Training

Right. It’s time to spill about this drug gang thing I keep mentioning. It started a couple weeks ago at least. Moonshine was on patrol, around when I started my Twitter, and she found some new druggies that neither of us have seen before, moving drugs and whatever. Standard stuff, or that’s what we thought at the time.

They saw her and she called me for backup. We pretty much beat them and took a couple on over to the police station. The Commissioner told us the ones we brought in were a couple of druggies they’d been looking for, gave us some money for it.

Then nothing for a day. We didn’t see the others, the ones we didn’t catch, until the 29th of January, when this big ol’ black car swerved past us. We were trying to get into a warehouse we thought they might be hiding in and it came up and they started shooting at us! Moonshine managed to memorize the license plate before we took off for the skies. Went by the station and had them run the plates, on grounds of having just been shot at. When the results came back, they said the plates didn’t exist.

So we went back out on patrol and sure enough, they came back. I guess it’s easy to find a pair of girls parading around in fancy-ass superhero costumes. That time, one of their shots grazed my arm and, since it was night-time, it didn’t heal right then and there. Hurt like a bitch, even if it was just a graze. I went after the car this time, melted the guns and the tires, and took them down to the station. They put up a fight at first, but I dealt with that. Though they didn’t wake up until two days later. They’re fine, honest.

Commissioner O’Hanlon told us they were a couple more druggies they were looking for, but laid on the implication that they weren’t running an operation, that there was someone else we needed to be looking for. That’s what we’ve been doing ever since, and we haven’t made much progress in it. Except, of course, for the little gang war we managed to fall into a day later. That was fun. Not really. Especially because I was sick.

I haven’t been sleeping properly, like I said, and that mixed with patrolling and occasionally fighting like this, I guess it was natural to get sick at least once. It only lasted a few days but I almost died because of it. That was because we ended up in the wrong part of the underground and roughed up some guys we probably shouldn’t have. It was a gang that probably wasn’t even related to the recent drug thing. They started shooting at us and another gang came along and started shooting at them.

We couldn’t fly out because we were underground, obviously, so we were just trying to dodge all the bullets and get out of there with our lives. I pretty much couldn’t defend myself and just melt their guns because I was sneezing so much, so even if being sick didn’t make my fire even more unstable than usual, I wouldn’t have been able to see much of what I was shooting at or process it properly. So Moonshine had my back and we just barely got out. I think she got grazed a couple times, but she’s the kind of person who won’t admit they’ve been hurt unless it’s some kinda fatal wound.

My cold or whatever cleared up a day or so after that, they’re usually like that for me. We decided we needed more training because we haven’t done that in months, so we set up a training schedule at the heights of both of our strength and charge. Later tonight, it’s Moonshine’s most rigorous training time. Not my choice. It’s the full moon tonight and she has…issues, mentally. I’m pretty sure it’s some kind of bipolar disorder but she won’t go to the doctor or whatever to get herself diagnosed.

All I know is, when the full moon’s out, she’s really hyper and motivated and she just wants to get done as much as she can before she crashes and burns. She usually uses it to solve whatever inventing problem she’s having, but with the training thing, she decided she wanted to do a bunch of training while she was motivated to. Before the new moon comes and she crashes and burns hard again.

So I have to stay awake for her, to help her with her training. I’m used to staying up this late anyway.

So that’s the drug problem. Pretty much all the news I have. Moonshine’s out on patrol now but she says she’ll be back for her training, which should be soon. Moon’s almost in the middle of the sky.  I dunno if she will be or not. I hope she will be, even if it’s not for training.

In the meantime, I’m just gonna do what I always do when I’m staying up while she patrols: watch and/or read incredibly geeky things. On the schedule tonight? Doctor Who. I’m already caught up, but it’s always nice rewatching things you like. I think I’m gonna go with “The Doctor’s Wife” for now. Bye.


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