Origin Story #2

So. By now, you all know my name, in a sense. I guess I should tell you what I do, in better terms than just “superhero”.

I work with the police, especially Commissioner O’Hanlon, to investigate bad guys and hopefully catch them, with proof of whatever bad things they did. Moonshine and I actually get paid for it, we negotiated this deal with Commissioner O’Hanlon after saving his life. We had to go through police training, which was kind of weird with all the other people who were there, but now we basically have the right to investigate people we think are bad guys, people the police haven’t been able to investigate yet or don’t have the ability to investigate, and collect evidence that proves that they’re bad guys. And then arrest them. Usually. Sometimes they escape. Sometimes they can’t be arrested.

Most of the people we catch are drug dealers, like this thing Moonshine and I have been working on recently. You may have read about it on my Twitter, you may not have. I gotta say, there hasn’t been as many supervillains or whatever as I thought there would be. Though there have been a couple.

The first was at New Year. He called himself Y2K2, a reference to the masked villain Y2K who used to plague Millennium before Millennium joined the All-Star Corps. A couple times after too, I think. In the comics, anyway. Our Y2K was even crazier than theirs was, he kept talking about how the world was going to end in 2012 and stuff. Usual doomsday stuff I keep hearing about now and again.

He killed himself. Up by the old Doc Clocktower, named after Dr. Clock, a recurring enemy of Ghostwing of the All-Star Corps who was actually rehabilitated and did wonders for the city’s clockworks. Y2K2 jumped off there right at midnight, saying he’d beat the end of the world. I tried to save him, but I couldn’t. He didn’t want me to, anyway. He genuinely believed he was doing the right thing. Maybe it was. For him, anyway.

The second was a guy named Phantom Fjorder. We don’t talk about him. At all.

Those have been the only masked villains we’ve fought so far. Neither of them were really villainous at all. Maybe it’s too early. It’s only been less than a year, after all. Less for Moonshine.

Speaking of, I guess I should say a little about Moonshine. I’ve asked her about this and she said it was alright, as long as I didn’t reveal anything personal. Duh, I wouldn’t do that. I’m not some dumb little internet addict. Well, I am an internet addict, but I’m not a dumb one. Especially since I’m kind of a superhero and that would be kind of harmful to me, more so than it would normally be.

Anyway, Moonshine. She’s my sidekick, though I guess partner is a better word, since we’re pretty much equal in power and one of us is weaker than the other half the day. A couple months after I found the solar crystal, sunstone, whatever in the woods, she found one too. Only the one she found wasn’t a sun-based crystal, it was a moon-based one. It was all silvery and white, and apparently it gave her the same sorts of powers that mine gave me. Except moon-based, apparently.

While I got control over fire, she got control over water. Nice contrast, I suppose, but what it has to do with the moon, I don’t really know. Both of us can fly, and we regularly do. It’s a miracle we avoid bugs as much as we do, honestly. And if that weren’t enough, we can heal stuff too, but only at certain times, Like, if the moon is up, she can heal things pretty much instantly and if the sun is up, I can. I dunno, it’s something to do with the energy that we use from them, it’s all weird.

While the sun is up, it’s like it charges my powers, like plugging a cell phone into a wall charger. It’s a constant charge and I’m stronger and faster, I can fly higher and heal more. But when it’s down, it’s like taking the phone off the charger. I get weaker and I run off batteries, more or less. I assume it’s the same for Moonshine, she’s never really told me everything about her powers.

We also got outfits, which is good because that’s so central to superheroing and whatnot. Mine came from the crystal I found, it was buried inside. Her crystal didn’t come with an outfit, though, so she pretty much had to make her own. But she did an excellent job of it. She’s a genius, she got it from her father, and she’s always making little things and gadgets and stuff, and she put all of that into her outfit.

Honestly, I’m a little jealous. Hers is all gadget-based and black and white and it looks really awesome. I guess mine looks kind of awesome too, but it’s mostly some fabric I dunno what is, stronger than strong but super breathable and flexible. I think it makes me look like a cheerleader, if a cheerleader was about to go off to war. It’s all red and gold and white, but there’s a couple black bits too. My mask, for one. We both have masks, though. I guess we have to, though I’ll never know what real good covering up the eyes does to hide who you are.

In our time as superheroes, we’ve managed to work out a schedule. She sleeps during the day and I sleep during the night. She patrols during the night and I patrol during the day. If either of us needs the other’s backup, we call each other, on a phone whose number I’m never giving out. That’s how it usually works, anyway. Sometimes I stay up long past sundown to do whatever in my free time. Lately, I’ve been having trouble with sleeping when I should be patrolling because I stay awake too late into the night. That’s where Moonshine’s better than me, she’s a lot more responsible about her job than I am.

You’d think we go to school, but we don’t. We moved out of Moonshine’s penthouse soon after we both got started at this and dropped out of school. There’s no real need for it; she’s already a genius and I already know a bunch of things I won’t even learn in school. And our future’s pretty strong, with this superheroing. We get money every now and then from the police, though it’s only based on how many bad guys we can bring in and whether they’re convicted or not.

I guess it’s pretty okay. We do alright for ourselves. We put the money toward vital survival supplies, like food, cell phone bills, and comic books. The comics are mostly for me. Moonshine never really was much for comics. I sort of wish she was, so I’d have someone to talk to about them other than the internet. I keep trying to get her into them but she’s just like “Well I’m living a comic book right now, why would I want to read about them?”

And I understand that, but at the same time…I dunno. I just wish she was into them too.

It’s nearly 3:30am as of my writing of this. I should be sleeping, but I have acknowledged problems about not sleeping when I should be. I guess I can try to sleep after I post this.

So bye, I guess.


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